Three, it’s a magic number (of awards!)

The number three is everywhere. It’s the number of strikes before you’re out. It’s the number of dimensions in the universe. It’s the number of Lord of the Rings movies there are. But more importantly, it’s now the number of times Avidly has been awarded HubSpot’s sacred Partner of the Year award.

We can now proudly declare ourselves the winner of the 2019, 2020 and 2021 titles. So, how did we do it? If we had to choose one word, it would be ‘expertise’. We’ve been working hard to fashion a house of world-class competence – +250 HubSpot experts all under one roof. And as the Avidly house continues to grow, we’re already getting to work on the 2022 title.
5 Countries working together
230+ Highly skilled Avidlyans
16 Local offices at your service

Impacts we've made

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CRM Video

CRM - Your sales reps best friend, not enemy.

A customer management system (CRM) is today often seen more as an enemy rather than a friend. The reasons for this is several - the CRM is not user friendly enough or it lacks important features to make the work more efficient, to name a few. 

Watch our Video where Avidlys Head of Sales, Damien Egan, bust a few common myths about CRM. Is it really that time consuming? And, can the data really be trusthworthy? 


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