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At Avidly, we like to talk about being tomorrowbound. It’s a combination of two halves that forms a successful whole:

First comes navigation.

To be able to set the right course and get where you are headed. Finding the right path to reach your goals. Makes sense, right? Because getting lost would suck.

Then there’s the exploration.

To see what’s really beyond our imagination, we need to explore. Finding new ways with open minds is the only route to seeing beyond the usual.  It’s also often the fun part.
Put together, you come up with a momentum where going forward is the only option. Because that’s where the end of the rainbow is. Your pot of gold.

And this is what it’s all about: going beyond known boundaries and exploring the unknown – navigating you safely to successful growth.

We are tomorrowbound. You can be, too.

The challenges of marketing across borders and how to overcome them.

Meet 4 CMO’s from across the Nordics and learn how they have overcome the challenges that come with expanding your business to your neighbor countries.

Hard learned lessons, valuable advice and a few tips and tricks.

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Insights from Avidly

Avidly, a new Nordic marketing company, is born

Zeeland Family has completed a transaction that enables it to establish a new Nordic marketing company. The transaction combines experts in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway into a global marketing service company. The Annual General Meeting decided that the company's name would be Avidly Plc.

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How well does inbound marketing fit your business?

Time to implement a strategy that helps you increase the lifetime value of each customer, lower the customer acquisition cost and gives higher ROI? Complete the test to find out if inbound marketing is the right move for your company.

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3 key factors for a successful inbound sales strategy

To achieve the best possible results for both the marketing and sales department there has to be a close working relationship between the two. But what needs to be in place for this collaboration to work for both parties? Here are three key factors for inbound sales success.

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In-house digital expert or outsourced digital marketing?

Recruiters are increasingly looking for digital marketing experts. Each marketer will surely benefit from a skilled digital marketing partner in some way. 

In-house or outsourced?

Agility deepens the relationship between the customer and the agency
Mehiläinen is a nationwide healthcare company that has been implementing projects with us for years. Recently we were due for a discussion: should we break up as friends or are we going to start working for the relationship—both of us. Here's what happened.

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Lack of profitable marketing is an obstacle to growth

Companies have finally understood that it’s worth it to put some effort into marketing. But you need varied marketing skills to guarantee success.

About profitable marketing

We are a team of more than 250 navigators and explorers, makers and shakers in four countries and in 15 locations across the Nordics. An ambitious agency with extensive expertise from most corners of the marketing discipline.

We believe that every company should have the best possible marketing skills and tactics available. As one of the world’s biggest inbound agencies, we have the experience to get your business on the growth track. With the best inspirational minds, we build the right strategy and find the most creative ways that can be used across various platforms. To succeed, we want to work together with you – as a friend and a partner.

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Foretags Universitet