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Fast facts about Avidly

  • 50% of our people in leadership roles are women. Equality isn’t just a word; it’s our reality.
  • We’re a melting pot of 20+ nationalities. 
  • We dance, dine, sing karaoke, run and hike together (to name just a few).
  • Want to work from a hammock in Bali? We support a hybrid work model.

A glimpse into our team's journeys (these stories are not ready, let's take this down for now)


Melanie's inspiring journey from a newbie to a digital maven

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Roosa's conviction as a team lead and performance & paid media Specialist

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Maxim's story: From Finland to the global forefront

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Our values

Challenge customers.

The courage to push boundaries and present innovative ideas to customers. 

Challenge Avidly.

Respect within Avidly involves maintaining an environment where you feel comfortable questioning and challenging internal processes and ideas.

Challenge yourself.

Encouraging personal ambition within the team means pushing yourself to grow, learn, and evolve as a professional.


Avidly perks

Global in thought, local at heart.



Power up by switching off. We believe in the magic of downtime.



From cross-country benefits and campaigns to health perks, your well-being is our priority.

Avidly Design_Finland_Summer Party_2023-1_3x2


Be it a milestone or a festive day, there's always cake (or confetti)!



Modern offices, top-tier tech. Get the best to do your best.

What to expect at each hiring stage

Your experience is paramount to us. Below is a snapshot of what you can anticipate at every stage:

Phase 1: Application
  1. We respect your time and efforts. We ensure every application receives an acknowledgment, and you can expect details about next steps within four days.
  2. We stand for equality. Every application undergoes an anonymous recruitment process, whenever possible, ensuring unbiased treatment.
  3. For any questions or clarifications, our recruiters are reachable at pre-designated times which will be mentioned in our job advertisements.
Phase 2: Interview
  1. Experience proactive communication. A reminder SMS will be sent a day before any face-to-face interviews, ensuring you’re well-prepared.
  2. Constructive feedback is provided post every interview, empowering you for future endeavours.
  3. We value your feedback too! Post-interview, we actively seek your insights to constantly refine our process.
Phase 3: Hiring
  1. Once you’re hired, a smooth pre-onboarding experience awaits you.
  2. Within three days, you’ll receive valuable insights about what your first week will look like, as well as essential information about Avidly’s strategy.
Phase 4: Onboarding
  1. Our onboarding is tailored according to your role, ensuring relevancy and that you can quickly showcase your skills on real projects.
  2. Regular check-ins and feedback loops are embedded in the process, guaranteeing clarity of expectations and performance.
  3. A significant aspect is our trial period evaluations. We ensure the set goals and targets are clear and are met by both parties.

What we promise

You're on equal ground

Every application is a story. We read them all with the same attention.

Candidates are evaluated based on the same competency-based questions per each role and each candidate gets a clear understanding of our decision-making criteria. We also use anonymous applications in all of our recruitment processes.

You'll get feedback

We believe in giving and taking feedback. Let’s grow together.

We give feedback to the candidate after every single face-to-face interview so the candidate can develop their skills for future interviews and Avidly interviews ask for feedback at the end of every single interview to be able to create a better experience for the next time and our personal development.

You'll have a clear pathway

You will know what your first 90 days here look like.

When we offer a new job, we communicate our expectations for the first 90 days.

You'll stay connected

Weekly updates because you matter.

After hiring a person, new employees get information during the following three days from a pre-onboarding point of view: what to expect during the first week, materials about Avidly strategy and other pre-onboarding stuff. You'll hear from us every single week.

You'll meet your future team

Get to know us as we get to know you.

Candidates have an opportunity to meet at least two future colleagues during the interview process.

Curious about life at Avidly?

Reach out to Leena Paulin or Benjamin Veltman, our wonderful HR leaders.

You can message them directly by clicking their names



As of 14.12.23 a recruitment phishing scam using Avidly's name was unfortunately underway. All communication regarding Avidly recruitment processes will be sent from a genuine Avidly email address (, the process will entail multiple face-to-face or video call interviews.

Avidly has notified the authorities, who are seeking to shut down the site.

Find out more here.