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Discover who you are and what you can be. We build brands that transcend channels and echo a single, resounding voice: unified, unforgettable, and unmistakably you.


Our branding work

Brand = Experience

A brand isn't just a logo or a tagline. It's a promise, an experience, a memory. It thrives in the perceptions and emotions of your customers, evolving at every interaction - be it with your product, your service, or your team. Like a compass in the vast world of consumer choices, a consistent brand guides customers, letting them know what to anticipate.


Building a sustainable brand

A sustainable brand cannot be built from the outside in; it emanates deeply from an organisation's culture. A brave brand, true to itself, can weather the storms of change and rides the business environment's wave, outpacing its competitors.

Avidly's method of creating lasting, standout brands always stems from a company's identity and bringing it to the forefront. A successful brand mirrors a company's strategy, identifies opportunities within the business environment, and delivers an outstanding customer experience. We pinpoint and encapsulate the brand's values and core tenets on strategic, communicative, and visual levels. We sharpen the unique selling points.

Customers don't differentiate between digital and analogue branding

Whether it's the tactile feel of branded packaging or the design system of a website, every touchpoint counts. At Avidly, we transcend these boundaries.

Every touchpoint your customers interact with should be shaped by strategy, designed, and backed by data. We understand the importance of a brand, and our suite of services ensures it resonates deeply, aligns perfectly, and stands out distinctively.

Unbroken stories

One of the challenges in brand leadership is often consistency and long-term vision. People craft the brand, and when there are many stakeholders, both inside and outside the organisation, the narrative sometimes risks being fragmented. Avidly's approach involves including the organisation's very own people in the brand work. The result is a story that encompasses people, business, and the future, one that is easily internalised and embraced.

Whether you're venturing into creating a new brand or rejuvenating an established one, we're here to anchor it in the zeitgeist of society, making it resonate both intellectually and emotionally with your audience.

Simple, effective, and comprehensive – that's our promise.


Branding expertise

Drawing from our deep understanding of your vision and objectives, we curate comprehensive branding solutions. From strategic roadmaps to robust brand guidelines and captivating visual identities, we encapsulate the essence of your brand, empowering you to foster trust and build enduring relationships with your audience at every stage of your business journey.

Brand Strategy Development
  • Comprehensive research including market analysis, competitor insights, and customer feedback through desk studies, interviews, and partnered surveys.
  • Strategic design focusing on brand positioning, vision, USPs, and content strategy across digital platforms.
  • Expert consulting in business, brand marketing, communication, and sustainability
Brand Identity Design
  • Cohesive visual identity creation ensuring consistency across all touchpoints, encompassing logos, typography, and color palettes.
  • Comprehensive messaging and communication, including brand stories, taglines, and voice guidelines that resonate with the target audience.
  • Crafting compelling brand narratives that differentiate and elevate the brand's presence in the market.
Brand Activation and Launch
  • Strategic market introductions and brand repositions.
  • Comprehensive promotional and branding campaigns for enhanced identity.
  • Robust digital marketing strategy driving awareness and engagement.
Digital Brand Experience
  • Seamless translation of brand into a digital design system, optimised for UX/UI
  • Designing branded experiences for digital touchpoints including immersive ones
  • Producing engaging branded content spanning articles, campaign concepts, and blog posts for a cohesive digital presence.


Brand Analytics
  • Comprehensive data insights from web analytics, social media metrics, and ROI analysis, ensuring an understanding of brand performance, awareness, and effectiveness.
  • In-depth brand equity and consumer sentiment evaluation through surveys, market research, and online focus groups in collaboration with research partners.
  • Holistic assessment of overall brand performance using sentiment analysis, online reviews, and financial metrics, backed by tools like Google Analytics, Hootsuite, and Trustpilot.
Brand Expansion
  • Strategically guiding brands into new markets, product lines, or territories.
  • Launching impactful new product campaigns.
  • Innovative collaboration campaigns for broader reach.
Internal Branding
  • Transforming employees into brand ambassadors through coaching and trainings.
  • Promoting a brand-aligned culture with strategic internal communication.
  • Engaging workshops and launch events to reinforce brand values.
Brand Audits and Evaluation
  • Comprehensive brand performance assessments in collaboration with research partners.
  • Insightful analysis of brand equity, perception, and market feedback.
  • Targeted recommendations for brand direction and effectiveness enhancement.
Package Branding
  • Captivating package design and branded merchandise.
  • Immersive in-store experiences and spaces that encapsulate the brand's essence.
  • Event activations and point-of-sale displays that amplify brand engagement.


Brand Guidelines
  • Definitive brand book ensuring consistent representation.
  • Comprehensive graphic and identity guidelines.
  • Unified approach across all mediums for brand consistency.
Coaching & Training Sessions
  • Enhancing your team's brand understanding
    and application through expert-led sessions

Crafting a Brand Strategy: Our Four-Step Blueprint

Navigating the branding journey requires a methodical approach. Here’s our tried-and-true blueprint for brand strategy development.

Phase 1: Discovery

Together, we'll deep dive into understanding the present scenario and fine-tune our course of action. This commences with a thorough examination of available resources, an initial kick-off session, and a comprehensive assessment of the current landscape. To amplify our insights, we tap into valuable data, conducting client interviews and mining consumer research.

Phase 2: Insight

With a clear understanding of the key brand dimensions, we venture beyond traditional paradigms. We explore fresh perspectives, reevaluate established norms, and dare to challenge the familiar.

Phase 3: Strategy

Drawing from our newfound insights, we chart out a coherent roadmap. This plan is laser-focused on bringing the company's vision to life and hitting tangible milestones.

Phase 4: Identity

With the groundwork of insight and strategy, we sculpt a brand identity that resonates profoundly. By intertwining a distinctive visual representation with a narrative anchored in strategic decisions, we lay the cornerstone for building enduring and trust-filled relationships.

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