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From local to global growth with a multidisciplinary approach

About Hätälä

Hätälä, a fourth-generation family business from Oulu, became a customer of Avidly in 2004. The company, which operates mainly in northern Finland, had just invested in a new, modern fish factory and needed marketing communications expertise to increase its sales.

During our long term cooperation, Hätälä has grown from a medium-sized fish processing plant to Finland's leading fish farmer and a credible lifestyle brand in the food sector - both nationally and internationally.

What we did 

Avidly's approach 


Since 2004, Avidly has acted as a trusted partner for Hätälä's marketing communications in close cooperation with the customer. We have helped them to develop marketing strategies as sparring partners and formed the brand image and message. Avidly designed and implemented all of Hätälä's marketing materials, from retail packaging to websites,  booths to sales letters and from radio & TV campaigns to truck taping.


The Results

During our cooperation, Hätälä's net sales have increased from EUR 11.5 million to more than EUR 113.8 million (2019). The retail channels have diversified from supermarkets in the Oulu region to national and international retail chains - Hätälä's fish products can now be found  in Sweden, France, Austria and Germany. An investment program is underway in Hätälä, which will give the factory an extension of 15,000 square metres.

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