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Kalmar is a industry forerunner in terminal automation and energy-efficient container handling. The company  has 5,700 employees in 30 countries providing cargo handling solutions and services to ports, terminals, distribution centres and heavy industry.

 Until 2017, Kalmar published a printed bi-annual customer magazine. At 2017, Kalmar started a transformation to establish a global, on-going digital content process together with Avidly (prev Zeeland Family). A content strategy, based on strategic communication themes, was established. After that we created a content process with two lanes: a Think Tank to support industry thought leadership, and a News Desk to support sales and marketing.

"Our marketing communications have definitely become more diversified and efficient." — Maija Eklöf Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Kalmar

In this efficient digital content process, all materials are published in News & Insights section of Kalmarglobal.com. Content is promoted in a multi-channel way, e.g. in newsletters, social media channels etc. Also, PR is attached to the process: particularly thought leadership pieces are actively promoted to the industry press, with a nearly 100% success rate in 2017. In addition to blogs, articles and videos also white papers, case cards, and infographics are produced.

Kalmar’s audience has grown significantly and all media hits have stayed on an excellent level.

"Our marketing communications have definitely become more diversified and efficient. With the new content strategy and process we get different types of content in different channels faster" says Kalmars Vice President, Marketing and Communications Maija Eklöf.

“With the quality content we have been able to open discussions on topics that support Kalmar's thought leadership in a new way. Our content has also proved to be of interest to our entire industry: the stories are being published in industry magazines and our experts are regularly interviewed by them." — Maija Eklöf Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Kalmar