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Explosive growth by emphasizing service experience

About Saka 


Finnish car dealer Saka has revolutionized Finland’s trade-in car dealership for good. Setting an emphasis on excellent service experiences and marketing & sales have spurred the company to explosive growth.


Starting point

This is a car dealership revolution


Finnish car dealer Saka wanted to do car dealerships differently than before. Our cooperation began in 2018 by renewing the Saka brand, and has continued as a comprehensive growth partnership, focusing firmly on profitability. With Saka, Avidly have utilized our extensive marketing and sales know-how to skyrocket their business.

Together with results-oriented marketing cooperation and the Lite Bättre campaign of spring 2020, Saka began to swim upstream in its industry – even during the rough tides of the COVID - 19 years. The company’s growth has continued its wild streak and is only picking up speed as it goes.

“The best partnerships are born from mutual trust, which gives way to embracing bold new ideas.”

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Sami Mäentausta, Director, SAKA

What we did

New brand, message, design...

Saka wanted to renew its brand, increase its public awareness, and fix false conceptions of its industry. To help achieve this, we created a brand built on the company’s strategy – the revolution of car dealerships.

A brand story and key messages were forged from the company’s business strategy. Through them, we assured the Finnish people that Saka is a reliable operator who makes car deals easy, smooth, and safe.

All actions throughout the marketing cooperation were made to support and strengthen the created brand.

  • Comprehensive development of marketing and sales, along with deep cooperation with the customer
  • Brand renewal and umbrella concept for marketing communications
  • Continuous campaign design & execution
  • Advertisement design
  • Website design & development
  • Data-driven digital marketing, social media channels
  • Various campaigns, events, and other marketing


What we achieved together 

During our ongoing and extensive cooperation, Saka has undergone an explosion of growth and solidified its place as one of Finland’s leading trade-in car dealerships with the best level of service in the business. The company’s sales have jumped up from 91,1 million to a whopping 358 million euros (2017-2020).

Released in 2020, the ”Lite Bättre” campaign accelerated Saka’s growth after a period of challenges due to the covid era. After the campaign launch, Saka released a recruitment ad – calling out for 100 new car salesmen to deliver the promise of better services for a wider customer base than ever before. During the Lite Bättre campaign, Saka’s used car sales went up over 55%.


Revenue Growth


sale of used cars


New salespeople

Ready to take the next step?

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