Comprehensive marketing as a service for Silta

As Finland’s leading provider of payroll and HR services, Silta had been maintaining a steady market position for a long time. However, there was something missing: growth. The company soon realised that its marketing was not being managed in a continuous or consistent way. Instead, it was made up of separate stunts organised at irregular intervals. This had to change. So, in September 2017, Silta decided to outsource a large part of its marketing to Avidly Finland.

Avidly’s agile outsourcing model facilitates transparent cooperation, allows us to utilise the experts best suited to the job, and enables the development of more proactive, business-oriented marketing.

One of the things we did in the first year was to reformulate Silta’s service offering. This gave rise to a strong new vision: emphasising the utilisation of data and intelligent models in all of Silta’s communications.

We worked with the customer to redefine the core and cornerstones of their corporate brand. On this foundation, we built a concept that crystallises Silta’s competitive edge in one main theme.

This conceptualised theme is linked to all of Silta’s operations and marketing. We also constructed a content strategy around it to facilitate consistent and continuous content marketing.

”The clear strategy has helped to improve the balance between the different channels and direct more attention to them.”

The concept and the content strategy have already led to dozens of ideas for different kinds of content. The content always tells the same story, whether it was produced by us or the customer. It has also become remarkably easier to provide a more continuous flow of content. The clear strategy has helped to improve the balance between the different channels and direct more attention to them. Selecting themes that are meant to interest the audience and spark conversation has also helped to generate dozens of earned media hits through promotional efforts.

In addition to all this, we have updated the Silta website, launched marketing automation and inbound marketing, begun advertising on social media and revamped the visual identity of the company.

Silta is currently seeing steady growth in all channels, and improvements in the reach and attention value of the company have also led to distinct business gains.