Yamaha Motor Europe

Yamaha empowers boating enthusiasts in an entirely new way.

Type: Branding
Client: Yamaha
Deliverables: Strategy, Creative Concepts & Design, Content production
Yamaha Motor europe
a fresh way to communicate with consumers

Yamaha is globally known as a brand creating reliable and high-quality products for its loyal customers.  However, the marketing for Yamaha's marine products has not displayed the same level of passion for maritime activities that its userbase shares. With our concept, we wanted to awaken this nautical passion and connect it to the relentlessly dependable nature of Yamaha. Through it, Yamaha empowers boating enthusiasts in an entirely new way.

Meanwhile, we also designed a brand-new visual look for all product categories of Yamaha Motor Europe. These have made it easier to create marketing concepts that communicate directly to Yamaha's various target groups within the European region. Through a clean, unified look and concepts that understand specific target groups, we have created a deeper bond between consumers and the brand of Yamaha that also attracts the interest of younger generations.

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The Case

Our strong proficiency in graphic design and its application through digital platforms (DAM) were key factors in renewing the visual look of Yamaha. In addition to both visual and concept design, we also helped Yamaha by providing valuable brand positioning and brand strategies.

Extending from the marine division of Yamaha, we have also helped the off-road division of Yamaha Motor Europe, with concepts and created content for Yamaha snowmobiles, ATVs, and more. Our goal is to broaden marketing concepts in a way that both empowers the passionate consumer bases of Yamaha, while also being easy to adapt for different European markets. A few examples:


  •   The concept "MAKE WAVES" for Yamaha Waverunners focuses on the unadulterated fun of personal watercrafts: they are purely designed for thrills, adrenaline, and raw power!
  • The "#drivenby" concept for Yamaha ATVs was specifically created to serve as a powerful asset for social media purposes. It also effectively highlights the various product functionalities and attributes of its different target groups.

"Yamaha Marine products are all about high quality and a passion for water. Avidly has built compelling concepts that reflect everything we want to present to our customers. They truly take our brand to the next level.”



The Results

Yamaha Motor Europe has put its new visual look to good use in different product groups throughout Europe. Via the overhaul, Yamaha is able to build its brand more consistently in all its contact points – regardless of the product group, channel, or region. The Yamaha brand is now more unified, intriguing, and closer to its customers in Europe than ever before.


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