Rooted in growth

Type: Customer Experience
Client: Versowood
Deliverables: Brand

Avidly renewed the brand of Versowood, Finland’s largest private timber manufacturer and refiner, on its 75th anniversary. The goal was to brighten Versowood’s brand identity to honor the company’s history, while turning its sights firmly into the future.

Our mission

A tomorrowbound brand image

The starting point of our cooperation was to refresh and modernize Versowood’s image. This included everything from refining communications, re-defining key target groups, highlighting the company’s competitive advantages, and unifying its marketing actions.

In close cooperation with the customer, we made a comprehensive brand renewal, containing a new visual identity, brand story, key messages, tone of voice, brand imagery, and an umbrella-level advertising concept. On top of that, we created a new font for Versowood, titled VersoSans.

Our vision

A bright future, grown from the forest

With a renewed brand, Versowood firmly planted its position as a determined and responsible Finnish family business that boldly gazes into tomorrow by creating a future out of wood. Versowood invites people to realize new wood-based possibilities and proves why this renewable raw material is the solution for building a better future: from food packaging to textiles and energy – along with a wide variety of other industries.

In a world with an increasing need for sustainable innovations, Versowood stands as a vanguard that delivers tomorrow’s wood-based solutions for today.

Versowood & Avidly

Together towards a sustainable tomorrow

Based on the brand renewal, Avidly performed an extensive marketing cooperation with Versowood to implement and strengthen the company’s brand to different target groups.

Avidly designed, both image-oriented and tactical ad campaigns, product packaging, branded facilities, social media releases, ad templates, a visual look for a stakeholder magazine, along with vehicle wrapping for the company’s cars and trucks.

With Versowood, the core ingredient for our cooperation from the very beginning has been rooted in mutual trust and close dialogue, which has made this shared teamwork as fun and meaningful aswell as being thoroughly effective.

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