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Choose your message and turn it into a movement. In a world filled with digital chatter, cultivating trust requires standing out with compelling content. 

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If it isn't digital, it doesn't exist. This is the premise of all communications today. We know how to create stories that capture hearts and headlines.

Let's talk about interesting things. What your audience really wants to talk about. Find common ground with them with a clear communications strategy.

We amplify your unique voice, telling your tale in a way that stands out. 


Whatever the channel, it's about being present

Every organisation communicates. Some do it better than others. 

We master hard-boiled public relations and communication practices like press releases, media pitches, crisis communications, and reporting. They should be merged with contemporary methods like social media and influencer collaborations.

Ensure your brand resonates universally, reaching audiences across all platforms.

Your message needs to matter

It's one thing to be heard, and another to be unforgettable. Phenomena don't just happen. They're designed and actively kept alive. How do you ignite the conversation?

A good communication strategy contains powerful key messages. From digital presence to on-the-ground tactics, we handle both earned and paid media landscapes. The best part? We can do all of this as a single team with you. 

Communication is the universal solution to human issues

Communications can be used to approach any problem. 

From crisis communication and sustainable messaging, our PR & communications professionals can distil the complex into the comprehensible. Accessibility comes as second nature to us too. Our services cover media management, newsletters, stories, annual reports, and more, tailored for diverse fields. We can equip your team with robust coaching and training, ensuring poised public appearance, confident media interaction and long-term customer relationships. 

Your communications solution will be an elegant mix of owned, paid, earned and borrowed media. 


Communications expertise

Courage + skill = communications. Ultimately, it's about knowing your audience and finding the right words for them. 
Our well-seasoned communications professionals have seen it all. They are ready to help you with any issue, come what may.
Communications Strategy
  • Turning your business strategy into communication goals and actions.
  • Communications can be turned into a strong asset in every organisation
  • At the core of your strategy is your key message. Choosing it and your target audience is of prime importance.
Thought Leadership
  • Being a thought leader means you have a unique perspective in your field.
  • You have to have a personality to attach to your message and courage to articulate your view.
  • Instead of just parroting your message, a true leader manages the discussion as a chairman. We can show how.
Content Strategy and Production
  • Sculpting compelling narratives across owned, paid, earned and borrowed media.
  • Any aspect of your business can be turned into compelling content. What you need are an angle and the right channels.
  • Ensuring all content, from press releases to blogs and LinkedIn articles, podcasts, are tailored to engage and captivate.
Community Management
  • Cultivating vibrant online communities, be it TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Jodel or LinkedIn while ensuring the brand pulse is always in sync with audience expectations.
  • Harnessing social listening and analytics to sharpen your brand's digital edge.
  • We can be part of your community management team to see that your audience is getting the attention and interaction they deserve.


PR & Media Relations
  • Cultivating alliances with the media, journalists, and content curators.
  • Our experienced communications experts know the media landscape and journalists by name, whose interest we can pique.
  • We master international and domestic press releases and tailored media pitching with diligent follow-up.
Communications Metrics & Analytics
  • The link between communications and strategy runs through metrics and analytics.
  • In the digital world, basically everything can be quantified and measured to a single click. We can build a customised dashboard for you to harness the power of your data.
  • Making your results visible adds value to your entire organisation. 
Annual Reports
  • The requirements of reporting are in flux.  Regulations like CSRD are affecting all kinds of businesses, but we can ensure your reports are done by the book.
  • Be it annual or quarterly reports, sustainability reports or financial information, we can take care of the whole process from information gathering to the final publication.
  • Finding innovative ways of reporting – video, audio, infographics – attracts new audiences and adds value to your everyday communications and brand. 
PR & Awareness Campaigns
  • A phenomenon resonates when it feels like something you want to be a part of. If your cause is bigger than your business, you can turn your audience into advocates. 
  • The best phenomena have a life of their own. You can give birth to one and foster it, but in the end, you might have to set it free to change the world. 
  • We tailor product launches, public awareness, and cause-aligned sustainability campaigns to etch memorable brand impressions.
Influencer Marketing
  • Giving voice to authentic brand ambassadors, micro-influencers and opinion leaders to bring your story to audiences.
  • Know who your potential influencers are, what the best platforms are to reach them, and build win-win relationships with them.
  • Turn one of your existing brand ambassadors into an influencer, speaking directly to their audiences.
Stakeholder & Investor Relations
  • Good relations with investors and stakeholders are the crown jewels of a company. With a compelling narrative and communication, genuine and lasting value and transparency can be added to the relationship.
  • A public company's worth is determined by what its shareholders think. A relationship means it's a two-way street – it's all about long-term engagement and active listening.
  • Whether you're already listed or preparing for an IPO, we know how to make your story distinct and captivating.
Crisis Communications
  • Crises never come from nowhere. Organizations usually have a good sense of their potential pitfalls. However, even for unexpected challenges, preparation is key. If you're in tune with industry trends and global shifts, you can face anything, come what may.
  • In a crisis, it's essential to separate crisis management from crisis communication. Only then can you succeed in turning lemons into lemonade.
  • Practice makes perfect. Apart from offering 24/7 assistance from experienced consultants, we also provide crisis simulation training.

Communications Coaching & Simulations
  • Nobody is born a stellar performer. It's a skill honed through practice, where the rewards can be significant. Every presentation is an opportunity to get your message across and reach new audiences – it's an opportunity that should always be seized.
  • Presentation isn't just about being in front of TV cameras or delivering keynotes. Good presentation skills are valuable everywhere, even in one-on-one conversations.
  • We have coached thousands of leaders and experts from various sectors. We have our own broadcast studio too, located in the heart of Helsinki. 


Internal Communications
  • All leadership involves communication. Investing in internal communication is investing in the performance of your company. To truly engage employees in their roles and enhance the employee experience, one must also commit to open communication with them.
  • By focusing on internal communication, one often gains valuable insights into the entire organisational operation and its development. We can conduct an internal audit, making content and processes transparent and highlighting how information is conveyed within the company.
  • Whether it's about intranets, newsletters, or employee training, it's vital to ensure that they reflect the company's strategy.
Marja Vest

Head of Communications and PR
Team Lead

Jaakko Hänninen

Senior Communications Consultant
Account Director
Coaching, training, crisis communications

Sirpa Alhava

Content Business Lead
Publications and reporting

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