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Creative campaigns

Make an impact and shine

A creative idea takes marketing to another level: it helps it to stand out, be memorable, and deliver a uniform message through multiple channels. However, we don’t just create ideas for ideas’ sake because creative marketing is at its most powerful when it’s based on strategy, data, insight – and of course – your needs.


revenue growth and car dealership revolution

Released in 2020, the ”Lite Bättre” campaign accelerated Saka’s growth after a period of challenges due to the covid era. After the campaign launch, Saka released a recruitment ad – calling out for 100 new car salesmen to deliver the promise of better services for a wider customer base than ever before. During the Lite Bättre campaign, Saka’s used car sales went up over 55%.

An insightful idea stands out

Creative marketing is impressive and efficient. With an insightful creative idea, your marketing stands out from the tidal wave of messages and speaks directly to its target audience. Creative marketing campaigns are memorable and have the power to influence people and their behaviour.



"The best partnerships are born from mutual trust, which gives way for embracing bold new ideas."

– Sami Mäentausta, Director, SAKA



Communicate a distinct and unified message

Creative marketing is beneficial in various stages of the customer journey. A creative concept based on strategy, data, and insight can transform the different touchpoints of the customer journey into crucial steps of an overall customer experience.

Marketing based on a distinct, unified message, and communicated through multiple channels creates a bond between you and your customer. It allows you to lift your message, product, or service to the top-of-mind and drive results.


Tell us your challenge

What do you need help with? What kind of challenges will we solve with creativity? The starting point of creative design is always your needs, and naturally, the goal that we want to achieve together with you.


We’ll create an insight

All creative marketing concepts need a strong foundation. We’ll dive into market conditions, map out competitors and customer strengths, find out target group preferences, research trends… From all this, we’ll form the framework of a distinct idea.


We’ll create a concept

Your needs and goals meet our formed insight to create a unique marketing concept that stands out from the crowd, speaks to its target group, and creates the desired impact.


From local to international growth

This is how we helped the small Finnish family company Hätälä to international growth with marketing activities in different formats.


Explosive growth by emphasizing service experience

Setting an emphasis on excellent service experiences and marketing & sales has spurred the car dealer company SAKA to explosive growth.

"Yamaha Marine products are all about high quality and a passion for water. Avidly has built compelling concepts that reflect everything we want to present to our customers. They truly take our brand to the next level.”

– Renzo Moscour, Communication Manager, Yamaha Motor Europe

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