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Marketing & Comms
It is strategic and it works

As part of your team, our communications experts have an inspiring solution for your communications, IR and PR needs, from internal communications and crisis management to media pitching. As well as taking care of your media relations, we provide top-notch coaching and training for skilful public performance and facing the media.


…of communications professionals state that communications is valued higher than before.

.. and 71 % of them think the whole communications branch will be growing in the near future. To us Avidlians, this is no news, as we see the significance and importance of communications to our customers’ success every day - be it investor relations, PR, reporting or internal communications.

Find your voice and serve your audience

If you are aiming for the thought leadership position in your branch, why not enhance your thinking towards being a true discussion leader that invites your stakeholders and customers to join the talk. Instead of spreading your own message, we encourage you to find out what your stakeholders are truly interested in.

Communications has its very specific role within investor relations. We see IR as a truly strategic function that not only interacts between the company and the financial community but also provides insights for the company's future development and direction.





How to measure success?

One of the hottest questions in communications is measurement. We can help you derive your comms goals and metrics from company strategy, by defining the critical success factors. As we focus on impact, we could also find new drivers and deeds for the company’s communications function.

Let's get to work



Get to know your most valuable audience and find out what is important to them. The best communications is always based on insight and strategy work.



Make a strategy and crystallize strong key messages that have significance! Good content takes a long way, be it published in a customer magazine or Instagram.



Plan your actions, execute and measure success. By combining your own, earned, borrowed and paid media you can build a strong platform for your messaging and impact. And, if it has not something digital, it doesn’t exist.

We can help you with…

  • Communications strategies and planning
  • Communications research and development
  • Reputation and crisis management
  • Thought leadership and content production
  • Public relations (PR)
  • Employer branding
  • Communications coaching
  • Internal communications

Is it time to take the next steps?

Let’s find out exactly what you need and how a partnership with us will help you hit your goals. You can take a look at our pricing guide first before talking to our expert team.Book a meetingDownload our Pricing