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Put data to the core
of your operations

We help you identify the most relevant data sources for your business and have top-notch capabilities for analysing your data. And when we have the data in hand, we put it to work and use it as the source of insight guiding business decisions.


Data mature organisations achieve three times better business outcomes.

Data is crucial to making business decisions and driving better outcomes. Collected data itself is not particularly valuable, but when it is put in the right context, it delivers useful insights.

You might already have a lot of business data. Imagine if it could be easily turned into actions that directly enhance your bottom line. Or perhaps you are at the stage of starting data collection. Let's reimagine together,  how you can get the most out of your digital platforms.

Website analytics as the key to measuring your digital performance

Website is your digital service space, where your customers learn more about you, your products and your services. They get in touch with you and even make purchases based on your website. All of your online channels lead to your website and analytics is a way to oversee the digital side of your business. By having knowledge of your website, we can create growth opportunities and measure the impact of actions taken as well as prove improvement over time.


Customised data with data layer

Data layer enables more data to be collected in regards to website actions and reveals unexpected factors that guide users’ actions on the website. This supports the overall business goals (whether it is product sales or inbound marketing) better than general event tracking. Implementation of the data layer is best done in cooperation with our website developers and with the technologies we have in-house.

Considering data privacy and cookies first

At Avidly, we have knowledge of the newest cookie policies and technologies enabling tracking that respects data privacy. As a Cookiebot partner, we provide cookie solutions that follow the best practices. Furthermore, with the increasing need for first-party user tracking, we focus our efforts on server-side analytics.


Planning, mapping, and collecting data

Our first step is to create a data measuring plan, which focuses on the most essential parts of your website and the knowledge you would like to gain from it. Everything from online store purchases to contact forms and chatbots can be included.


Analysis and actionable plans

After determining what website visitors do on your site and what works the best, we can turn the collected data into actions that enhance customer satisfaction and usability of your website and bring you more business.


Visualising data for easy everyday interpretation

Our analytics services include an option for a dashboard solution, in which data is clearly presented. Key figures, visual graphs, and charts crafted to serve your day-to-day needs make interpreting the data accessible.

"Avidly are results driven and always pushing to improve above and beyond targets. They continue to implement and test the latest techniques and analyse data to improve ROI."

Adrian Leary, Revival Beds

Is it time to take the next steps?

Let’s find out exactly what you need and how a partnership with us will help you hit your goals. You can take a look at our pricing guide first before talking to our expert team.Book a meeting
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