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Marketing Strategy

Marketing without strategy
is just hoping for the best

But when you get the strategy right, people love your brand before they even try your product.

The more time spent putting the right principles in place, the more effective your future marketing efforts will be. In the future, every marketing campaign and tactical decision will be in tune with your underlying strategy.

And that’s how to create an effective brand that leaves prospects and customers feeling positive about your business.


...of marketers are reporting on how their campaigns are directly influencing revenue.

As a marketer reporting on the success of campaigns is essential. Goals are set in the strategy phase and whether they are met or not determines if you are a success. 

Over 75% of marketers report on campaigns and their impact on revenue, underlining the importance of strategy and goal setting.

(Source: HubSpot)

Let’s build you a strategy you can rely on

Meeting you where you’re at in your own brand development journey, we can work with you to identify who you really are and create the tools to make sure your marketing output communicates this.

This includes a full brand strategy and guidelines that build a reliable foundation for years to come. Then a defined marketing plan and concepts to guide your campaigns in the medium-term.

And, last but not least, crafting the actual materials and tactics needed to make your individual campaigns take off.





With a strategy in place, your marketing is world class

Think of this strategy as the hard work put in behind the scenes by elite sportspeople or performers.

The years of training to perfect their technique. Developing that muscle memory means they look like they’re effortlessly performing to a standard we mere mortals can only dream of.

Your marketing strategy is that underlying preparation that makes the main event a success. The main event is your individual campaign efforts - ad creative, website page content, email blasts - and they all work together in sweet harmony.

Building your business a brand that customers love.
Metier OEC

This is how we helped Metier grow with inbound marketing

This is how we helped Metier get a 7X return on investment after 12 months of inbound.


A new website with a focus on mobility and conversion

Techstep wanted a website that breathes inbound and a design that fulfills both the function and the feeling of a company that focuses on value for the visitor.


Global Partner of the Year - 3 years in a row

Out of the thousands of HubSpot agencies out there, we were officially named HubSpot Partner of the Year for the EMEA region in 2018 – a title that meant a great deal to us all after four years of hard work keeping hold of our UK HubSpot Partner of the Year crown.


Proven Elite HubSpot Partner

Avidly is one of only a few Elite HubSpot Agencies. This means HubSpot recognise us for our understanding of the platform and our ability to implement the best solutions for our customers.


HubSpot's Partner Directory

It's easy for us and HubSpot to say we're good at what we do, but it's important that you hear that from companies like yours too who are using our services to help them grow. You can see reviews from over 200 customers about their experiences in the HubSpot's Partner Directory.

“Avidly's ability to listen and transform our wishes into actual creative solutions has really helped us reach another level in web and digital marketing.”

Pär Andersson, DigitalCommunication Manager, Techstep

Ready to get your strategy in place?

Speak to us and take the first step towards implementing an effective marketing strategy for your business, alternatively, you can download our pricing guide to get an idea of how things can look.

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