Webinar: HubSpot Reporting - how to measure success with sales & marketing activities


Do you want to know how to set up your reporting in HubSpot and measure success?

Then participate in this webinar where Avidly's Daniel Juul and Jesper Toft will guide you through different KPI's transformed into reports. With these reports you can build customised dashboards and start measuring how your sales and marketing activities are performing.

You will get answer to these questions:

  • What types of reports are out of the box in HubSpot?
  • How do I create a customised report?
  • How can I build a dashboard?
  • How do I communicate to the rest of the organisation?



Thursday 26th of November at 9.00-10.00 AM.


The webinar will be presented by:

Daniel Juul
Inbound Specialist, Avidly


Daniel is working deeply within HubSpot and Marketing - helping our customers succeed with their different initiatives. Daniel has been working with all the really nerdy stuff - reporting, performance marketing and complex setup in HubSpot.


Group 120

Jesper Toft
Head of Sales Enablement & CRM, Avidly

Jesper Toft has got more that 25 years of experience within sales and marketing and are spending most of his time working with Sales Enablement, Account Based Selling and HubSpot

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