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We've all been there. After working long enough in a field of expertise, you start thinking about everyday things in a different way. You and colleagues have your own internal humour in the office that no-one else understands. Sounds familiar?

We’ve gathered a couple of signs that you are a true marketer, as well as some marketing humour. Hope you like it!

 You know you are a marketer when...

  • Rather than turning the volume down during the ad breaks when watching TV (if you even watch linear TV anymore) you pay extra attention and start analysing the choices made by the ad agency.
  • Your phone autocorrects “person” to “personas”
  • You have memorised the ideal image sizes for Twitter,  LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram



  • Bad headings and subject lines give you chills, and might even make you unsubscribe
  • When navigating any website you analyse everything – how user-friendly it is, if there are any clear conversion points, language, images, and so on. If the website is not good enough, you won’t buy, regardless of how good the product might be.

marketing humor

  • You write down every question you get from your clients so that you can turn them into blog posts (source)
  • Spelling mistakes and bad language keeps you up at night
  • You take it personally if the click rate of your email is low, or no one read your latest blog post

markedsføring humor

  • If one of your friends start a company, writes a book or starts a blog, or you see kids selling lemonade at the roadside, you are ready with your marketing tips (source).
  • When your family try to explain what you do they just say “She does something with the internet” or “He works with Facebook” (source)
  • You know your clients colour codes and fonts by heart


  • You are the first to spot product placements in movies and you always need to say it out loud – even if those you are watching the film with really wouldn’t care
  • You struggle to explain your job to your nan (or anyone else who asks)
  • Everyone thinks your job is just like on Mad Men



  • You hit refresh a hundred times a day to see the traffic grow after you publish a blog post
  • When the ads do not get your attention as a consumer, but you rather spend time analysing whether that was well-spent marketing funds or not (source)




  • You have become an expert at Googling in incognito mode because you constantly Google your business and your customers to check the rankings


Sources: All photos are borrowed with permission from Lolmarketinghumor. Quotes are our own or inspired by MarketingProfs and Oktopost.

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