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The Avidly HubSpot Solutions Newsletter

The latest HubSpot news and industry advice packaged into an easy 5-minute read 

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As 4x Hubspot Global Partner of the Year, and with a 150+ strong team of HubSpot specialists, we have to keep our finger on the pulse. So that's why we're collating the HubSpot sales and marketing zeitgeist into a simple-to-read newsletter every 2 weeks.

Available in English and German.

This is what we promise to give you: 

  • The newest HubSpot feature updates, and helpful tips and tricks
  • Curated advice in marketing, sales and website expertise to help you get the most from your HubSpot portal
  • Packaged in an easy-to-digest and enjoyable-to-read format
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Collated and produced by our in-house team

Conny, Emily and Paul are pulling together everything you need to excel as a sales or marketing professional who's using (or wants to use) HubSpot.

They're also picking the brains of Avidly's award-winning team and gathering the best bits of all things happening in the world of websites, sales and marketing.

The newsletter is released every 2 weeks.

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