Avidly awarded HubSpot's Advanced Implementation Certification as 1 of 13 agencies worldwide

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Brian Stræde
December 20, 2019
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200 agencies applied, but only 13 passed the exam when HubSpot recently introduced their new Advanced Implementation Certification. Avidly qualified and is now one of only 13 agencies that HubSpot considers qualified for advanced implementation projects.

HubSpot introduced the new certification to qualify a group of go-to partner agencies for complex projects and to make it easier for customers to find an agency with the experience and skill set to manage advanced implementation projects with the entire HubSpot platform including  e.g. integration and migration.

“As our customers expand into different technology stacks, their needs are becoming more complex and sophisticated,” said Katie Ng-Mak, VP of global partner strategy and operations at HubSpot.

“We need to rely more and more on our partner ecosystem to deliver value for our shared customers. I’m thrilled that Avidly is part of the exclusive group of Advanced Implementation Certified partners that can help our customers grow.” 

The qualification for the Advanced Implementation Certification was a multi-step step process that included exams, comprehensive practical exercises, and final presentation delivered to a panel of judges.

Avidly scored 95 out of 100 on their certification evaluation, making them one of the first global partners to receive this certification.

“When you have worked with complex IT solutions for several years, you learn that the implementation can create many technical as well as human challenges.  With this certification, we have proven that we can handle the technical side of HubSpot as well as change management and business development,” said Jesper Toft, Head of Sales Enablement at Avidly. 

“For our customers, this means that they’ll achieve their goal faster in terms of the business critical project - to connect the customer journey with sales and marketing in a complex platform as well as onboard people across the organisation”.

Being Advanced Implementation Certified means that Avidly get the chance to work closely with HubSpot while continuously developing our processes to help large companies succeed with digitalising sales and marketing.


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