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Rise above the rest from pixels to print. We design strategic paid marketing campaigns and tailored advertising that converts.


Our marketing work

Your goal is our goal

An the swift-paced digital marketing world, adaptation is key. Avidly's core? Knowing customers inside-out. We and our clients share a clear goal: pinpoint prospects, engage, convert, lead, and amplify sales.


Creative juice meets data-driven targeting

While we revel in our cocktail of creative ideas, it's our union of insight, data, and clear objectives that turns heads. With the right tools you can aim higher and more accurately: if they're in the target group, they'll see your message. With tools like TNS Mind, SEMRush, and Optimyzr, we extract invaluable customer insights, guiding our every step. Whether it's identifying potential channels or optimising campaigns, data remains at the core of our strategy.

Marketing that stands out isn’t just creative, it's strategic

From Google, YouTube, and Facebook to Tiktok, Instagram, and Spotify, our offerings span the breadth of digital channels. Dive into our plethora of social media services and influencer marketing.

Enjoy preferential pricing through our deep-rooted connections with traditional media houses - we've got every corner covered for your campaigns.

Zero guesswork, all strategy

In marketing, every choice counts. That’s why our seasoned experts analyse data to make precise, strategic decisions to navigate the fickle nature of your customers.—no matter the budget.

With us, you're not just making choices; you're making the right choices.


Marketing expertise

With us, you get an all-in-one solution: from brand work to campaign strategic planning, practical implementation, media planning, and tactical advertising. Close-knit and consistent internal collaboration is an inherent part of our culture, ensuring one brief covers the entire journey.
Marketing Strategy

Crafting unique roadmaps for brands to thrive.

  • Strategic blueprints: Tailored plans that align with brand objectives and growth trajectories.
  • Digital marketing strategies: Designing strategies that harness the power of online platforms to exceed brand goals.
  • Brand alignment: Ensuring marketing objectives resonate with the brand’s core values and vision.
Media Strategy
Ensuring we engage with the desired audience at the right time at the right place.
  • Inter-media strategy: Strategic media decisions that support brand and marketing strategy execution.
  • Budget allocations to ensure media euros deliver results.
  • Target audience insight: Drawing insights from own and 3rd party data.
  • Omni-channel media planning: Optimising where and when your messages will have the most impact.
Marketing Analytics and KPIs

Providing the compass for continuous brand evolution.

  • Marketing key performance indicators: Crafting marketing metrics that serve the full funnel from awareness to service.
  • Data-driven tweaks: Identifying bottlenecks and strategically enhancing conversion points
  • Data decoding: Translating numbers into actionable insights and strategies.
  • Performance benchmarks: Setting and assessing against industry and self-standards.
  • Adaptive strategies: Continuously refining approaches based on real-time data feedback.
Performance Marketing

Driving short-term growth with clear brand mindset.

  • Conversion optimisation: Ensuring smooth transitions from interest to action.
  • Digital paid media from dynamic feed based advertising to video advertising.
  • Advanced search engine marketing (SEO/SEA) for ecommerce and businesses both in search engines and social media.
  • Personalised outreach: Leveraging marketing automation and email marketing to connect meaningfully and motivate responses.
Advertising Campaigns

Turning concepts into compelling narratives no matter the phase of buyer’s journey.

  • Continuous campaigning: Regular, resonant material that fosters brand love and interaction.
  • Seasonal campaigns: Harnessing the power of moments.
  • Product spotlight: Comprehensive campaigns that introduce and establish new offerings in the market.
  • Social media campaigns: Building robust brand communities online.
  • Influencer collaborations: Leveraging popular voices to expand reach and trust.
Market Research

Delving deep to understand market dynamics, customer preferences and martech landscape.

  • Consumer pulse: Using data to map out evolving customer behaviors and preferences.
  • Competitor analysis: Understanding the market landscape to position your brand uniquely.
  • Martech intelligence: Continuous navigation in martech landscape to ensure marketing tech stack credibility and reliability.


Omni-channel media planning

Optimising where and when your messages will have the most impact.

  • Target audience decision making: Making sure we reach for the right people and businesses

  • Media mix: Balanced blend of traditional and digital medi and creative formats for optimum results.

  • Timing strategy: Leveraging moments when your audience is most receptive.

  • Targeted boosts: Utilising platform-specific advertising to amplify message reach.
Optimised branded content

From ideation to delivery, ensuring all campaign facets work in synergy.  

  • Engaging content: From landing pages to digital ads, crafting content that intrigues and converts.
  • Customer journey design: Compelling touchpoints and calls-to-action along the content journey that nudge users forward
  • Branded AI: Outstanding creative solutions with the help of martech and AI
Coaching & Training Sessions

Staying ahead of the game.

  • Skill augmentation: Workshops and sessions aimed at enhancing team capabilities.
  • Market evolution: Regular updates on emerging tools, platforms, and strategies.
  • Hands-on learning: Interactive sessions ensuring practical understanding and application


Roosa Räsänen

Head of Marketing Services

Janne Lemmetyinen

Head of Digital Marketing

Erno Bärlund

Creative Lead & AI

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