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This webinar was live 13. October 2020

2021 offers a fresh start. If you want to take advantage of the new beginning, you have to start planning now! In this webinar recording, Avidly's Chief Revenue Officer, Barbro Fagerbakk, and Chairman of the Board, Joakim Fagerbakk, shares their thoughts on the future of digital marketing and sales.



See the recording and get input on how to invest for the future, and how to allocate your budget to reach your goals.

Our webinar speakers are talking about what your strategy should be and which tactics you should prioritize in order to succeed with your digital sales and marketing activities in the coming year. They are also discussing how you can get the most ROI on your marketing efforts and take a look at what the best companies prioritize in their budgets for 2021.

The webinar includes their thoughts on

  • how to plan for 2021
  • which processes to prioritize
  • how to build your strategy
  • which tactics are most profitable


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