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The social and digital realms set entirely new kinds of requirements for brands. To be interesting, a brand must conduct itself in a manner that makes people care about it. This can only be achieved through a thorough understanding of our reason for being.


When people care about a brand, they also show it through sharing, using and living with the brand. To continue, this relationship needs maintenance, due to which the brand must be true, culturally fresh and in keeping with the times during each encounter.

Brand building requires an understanding not only of the marketing situation and oneself, but the surrounding world: the culture, people and the customers. We produce customer understanding to support planning and decision-making and to provide a new source of growth in a changing world. We develop continuous methods which allow brands to lend an ear to and engage their customers in a more agile and effective manner.

We build brands seamlessly from understanding to insight and action in all possible encounters. We create the brand’s visuality and contents and plan the encounters. We also help you to communicate the brand’s significance internally.

Our services include

  • Research in support of brand building: desktop surveys, online communities, group discussions, co-creation workshops, in-depth interviews, quantitative studies

  • A brand’s strategic positioning and value promise

  • Brand strategies

  • Brand identities

  • Visual brand looks

  • A brand’s way of speaking