HubHelp: for those who want complete HubSpot help with zero commitment

HubSpot is a user-friendly platform for salespeople and marketers alike - there's no doubt about that - but sometimes we simply don't have enough time to give a project the level of quality it deserves. Or sometimes, we want to create a complex workflow, and we need the confidence that it's been done perfectly. This is what HubHelp was designed for: smart, flexible and simple assistance with your HubSpot portal, design or changes to your HubSpot-based website - with no period of commitment.

Why choose HubHelp?

It's simple

HubHelp is fast, smooth and simple. If you have a HubSpot account on any of the hubs within a CRM system, then you can get HubHelp for that system. And to top it off, you don't need to be, or have ever been, a customer of Avidly to use HubHelp.

It's the best expertise in the world

Avidly has won the HubSpot Partner of the Year award three times in a row, so you can be confident that our HubHelp service gives you access to the best HubSpot expertise there is. Our experts run the gamut, from CRM, to marketing automation, to CMS.

It's commitment-free

With our HubHelp service, you only pay for the help you need. That's it. There's no signing of any agreements, there's no difficult decision-making about starting a long-term relationship with Avidly - you simply get the help and support you need, and our fee reflects that.


For example, we can help you:
  • Get started on HubSpot to get value from Day 1
  • Perform ongoing analysis, reporting, and optimisation
  • Manage integrations and migrations between other systems and HubSpot
  • Develop new modules
  • Fix existing modules by adding new features
  • Craft emails and workflows
  • Design new templates for pages or emails
  • Answer technical questions about HubSpot
  • Understand HubSpot more generally

What does HubHelp cost?

HubHelp is designed to enable you to make the most of the HubSpot platform without having to dive into long-term partnerships. That's why HubHelp makes use of a half-hourly rate, so that you pay for only what you need - and nothing more:

  • The rate is EUR 85 per 30 mins

  • If your request exceeds six hours of work, we will send you an offer for approval

  • The maximum cost of any HubHelp Support assignment is EUR 1020. Anything that exceeds that will require your approval first

  • All prices are exc. VAT

How to get started

If you have neither a HubSpot partner nor the organisational knowledge to master a certain part of the platform (e.g. CRM), then HubHelp is perfect for you.

  1. To get started, just use this form. Be sure to fill out the form as carefully as possible so we can offer the best help possible.

  2. You'll get a confirmation email immediately, and then we'll get back to you regarding your request within 48 hours.

  3. When the project is complete, we'll send you a confirmation email.

  4. At the end of each month, you'll be billed for all completed support tasks.
Need help with HubSpot?

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