Build relationships through ABM to drive sales

English Webinar - ABM - Invite-1


Do you know who your potential customers are?

Do you have any specific brands or companies you want to bring in as customers?

Are some industries more relevant than others?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Account Based Marketing (ABM) is for you.

ABM is a highly targeted form of marketing. The method is based on you adapting campaigns and content to very specific companies or industries. That way you don't have to just aim wide and hope to hit something.

This webinar introduces you to several different Account Based Marketing tactics. You will also gain insight into useful tools and knowledge about which channels you can use, as well as learn more about how other companies have succeeded in their ABM campaigns.

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Barbro Fagerbakk
Head of Sales, Avidly Norway

As Head of Sales Barbro Fagerbakk has extensive experience with Inbound Sales and Sales Enablement from both Avidly and the customer side.


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