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See how your 2023 plans compare to others.

As 2022 approached its end, we asked people worldwide to analyse their company’s growth performance and marketing efforts throughout last year, before looking ahead to the future and how they intend to improve in 2023. 

The survey consisted of seven questions, spanning topics such as marketing performance, adopting new tools and the areas they’ll be targeting for investment in 2023. 

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What did we ask?

  • How do you feel about your 2022 marketing growth and performance?

  • How will your growth budget change in 2023?

  • Which tools (if any) are you looking to invest in to support growth in 2023?

  • Which marketing areas/channels will see an increase in investment in 2023?

  • Which marketing areas/channels will see a decrease in investment in 2023?

  • Have your 2023 growth goals increased, decreased or stayed the same?

  • Are you a current HubSpot customer?

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of respondents have increased their growth goals for 2023 compared to 2022.

Many companies recognise that they have greater opportunities to grow this year due to innovation in tools and software such as AI.

To find out more stats and the reasons for them, you need to download the guide. 

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