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Selling through distributors or directly to the shop floor?
HubSpot can help you get the most from those relationships.

Operational efficiency, increased connectivity & improved customer retention are three priorities most companies in the Manufacturing industry share.

HubSpot can help you digitize lead generation and nurturing of prospects to support partners and agents better. At the same time as you build trust with the modern B2B buyer by providing them with valuable content to drive lead generation.

Scalable and efficient digital transformation with HubSpot

Manufacturing companies often share the challenge that their current tech stack doesn’t support the necessary processes. To turn this around you need to adopt a modern tool stack and transform the organisation accordingly. HubSpot is a fully integrated CRM platform which gives you all the tools you need to run and scale your digital marketing and sales activities. 

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How can Avidly help you with HubSpot?

We at Avidly have long experience with companies within the Manufacturing industry and deep knowledge on how to digitize your marketing and sales activities. Here are some things we can help you with:

  • Transform your website from a business card to a lead generation engine.
  • Align marketing and sales around the same goals to improve lead quality and win rate.
  • Nurture prospects to shorten lead time and engage with customers to improve cross-selling.
  • Take better, data-driven decisions in marketing and sales by establishing HubSpot CRM as a single source of truth for customer data - no more fragmented Excel lists and notebooks.
  • Create and train a commercial organisation fit to meet the demands of the digital B2B buyer.

This is how HubSpot helps you in each step of the inbound methodology

Here's some examples of features / tools in HubSpot that are perfect for manufacturing companies.
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Whether you are selling to store-front, distributors or companies you need to attract these personas to have a chance to make them your customers. By using search engine optimized blog posts and content on website pages which answers your target audience's questions you can attract unknown visitors to your website.
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When you have attracted visitors to your website you can use HubSpot to convert them into leads. By using landing pages, call-to-actions, HubSpot forms, chat and meeting links you can gather information about your leads. As soon as someone fills in a form on your website, that information will be collected on the person's contact card in HubSpot CRM.
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Far from all your leads are ready to sign as soon as they have converted, a lot of them need more engagement to be able to make the right decision. This is best done by a combination of email nurturing and 1:1 reach out from Sales. Create personalised emails with relevant content depending on where your leads are in their buyer's journey to engage them, build trust and strengthen your relationships with your prospects.
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This is where your marketing and sales work pays off and your leads become a customer. This does not happen over night though, more than likely you will need multiple touch points before a decision is made. Use lead scoring to focus on the warmest leads, build a strong and personalised sales dialogue based on the data gathered in the previous phases, and use Account Based tools to make sure you engage the entire buying committee.
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For a majority of companies, it's easier to sell more to existing customers, compared to getting new ones. The Delight phase is all about keeping your customers happy and turning them into ambassadeurs for your company. Use Customer Service tools like Knowledge Base, Tickets, and Surveys to ensure a great customer experience. Follow up emails with guides and information about a service or product they have bought from you can be one best practice here.

Trusted by Manufacturers worldwide

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HubSpot can allow your team to get full transparency of the buyer's journey.

Start communicating and sharing with all your existing software with HubSpots easy integrations


Microsoft Teams

Dynamics 365

NetSuite Manufacturing

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Zapier lets you send info between HubSpot and Hubstaff automatically—no code required.

See it on Zapiers site here.

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Stay connected to activities in your HubSpot CRM by receiving notifications for chats, reminders, mentions, form submissions, and more within Microsoft Teams.

See it in the app marketplace here.

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Prebuilt and easy to install integration between HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to sync marketing and sales data. here.

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Sync contact, company & product data between HubSpot and NetSuite

See it in the app marketplace here.

Does it really work for manufacturing?

Let's reiterate how ideal the Hubspot system is for manufacturing businesses. We can say 100% it works! How? Well, we’ve seen it work. Read more about several clients who have been on this journey already.

Creating an informational launch campaign with Inbound Marketing & HubSpot

Osstell’s main wish for the campaign was lead generation and increased engagement and Avidly assisted in creating the campaign.


Globally VELUX focuses on lead generation with HubSpot

A while back, VELUX Group, was in the process of implementing a large-scale investment in lead generation with HubSpot.


Hexatronic implements HubSpot CRM globally for better collaboration and overview cross countries and business units

Avidly helped Hexatronic roll out the CRM for New Zealand, Australia, and Germany and one of their companies Hexatronic Security and Surveillance, and later other markets and units will follow.

Frequently asked questions

What is the price for HubSpot?

HubSpot has many packages that you can use. The price is dependent on which you pick. Get in touch and we can explore your needs. 

How long does it take to get everything set up?

We will map out the whole process and give clear timescales. 

Will HubSpot work out of the box or does it need to be tailored for Manufacturing?

HubSpot can work out of the box, but to truly see the benefit for a manufacturing company, then it needs to be tailored. 

Will HubSpot work with the rest of our internal systems?

We know you'll likely have a lot of other tools. We can help you make sure all your software speaks to each other to make sure you really see the benefit.

Want to see the efficiencies across your business?

We’re ready to help you gain efficiencies across your business by using HubSpot. Let’s have a chat about how we can do that. 

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