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Bespoke and seamless.
How you can transform your student's enrolment journey using Hubspot.

HubSpot allows your team to get full transparency of the learner journey meaning you can make better decisions, drive recruitment and hit those targets in a more efficient way than ever before.

Attract and target students
better with HubSpot

Learners and students are researching their courses more than ever before. It's important that every part of your team from admissions to senior leadership has the information they need, when they need it.

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Your students are what matter the most

Here’s an example of how your learner’s journey can work with HubSpot from before they even get in contact with you to after they’ve signed up.

Learner Enters CRM

Wherever the prospective students find you, whether it be a landing page, content, social media, event fairs or Unibuddy, they enter your database.

Marketing team

Application Started

Your student starts the journey of completing their application. They will be interacting with the recruitment team through many methods.

Recruitment team

Application submitted

When the learner is happy they know everything they need to, they will submit their application and will be transferred to the admissions team

Enrolment Confirmed

At this point, you've confirmed you're happy with their application and their student journey can begin.

Admissions team

Marketing team

  • Enter leads into nurturing workflows
  • Educate your prospective learners

Recruitment team

  • Help guides and next step emails
  • Contact record updates

Admissions team

  • Automatically update CRM lead status
  • Enrolment confirmation
  • Request any further updates

Trusted by learning education organisations

From red brick Universities to eLearning companies

Newcastle University
Circus Street
Nexford University
Learn Direct
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Will HubSpot work for all your teams?

The simple answer to this is yes. Take a look at how each of your teams can benefit from HubSpot and how it might work for you.
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Recruitment Team

Your recruitment team are facing lots of questions from your potential students. If they're putting time and effort into being as efficient as they can then it makes sense to give them the right tools to do that. HubSpot allows you to create customised dashboards whilst also offering ways to make your potential students as seamless as possible.
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Marketing Teams

Lots of people know that HubSpot works well for marketing teams. It becomes your single source of truth for learner enquiries right through to admissions and post-course completion. HubSpot can be fully customised to make it work well for teams within the Marketing team in your education establishment.
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Senior Leadership

People in senior leadership often want to know how things are going in a snapshot. HubSpot is able to send report round ups tailored to what they want to know on a recurring time and date that works for them. This can save the wider team time whilst providing the information that they need.
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Admission Team

When people are responsible for the final stage of student recruitment, and making sure you have everything you need about the student, the last thing you want to be doing is asking the same questions that the learner has already answered. It wastes time for your team, and frustrates your learners. HubSpot gives your admissions team fully visible learner screens with the information your team need, where they need it.

HubSpot can allow your team to get full transparency of the learner journey.

Start communicating and sharing with all your existing software with HubSpots easy integrations

Microsoft Teams



Dynamics 365

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Use Microsoft Teams and HubSpot together to streamline your comms - it can be used for meetings, and notifications as well as many other featur.

Automatically send virtual catch-ups requests to your learners or intro calls to your future learners.

See it in the app marketplace here.

Social Reporting-7 Social Calendar-7
LI Publishing-1


Use Linked In and HubSpot to get a better understanding of how your social media marketing is working.

See it in the app marketplace here.

Slide 2-17
Slide 1-19


Use Eventbrite and HubSpot to get the most of your events and nurture contacts from the back of it.

See it in the app marketplace here.

MicrosoftDynamicsSyncSettings3_en-3-1 MicrosoftDynamicsLimitSettings_en-3-1

Use Dynamics 365 and Hubspot to share your data between both platforms to get the most from them both.

See it in the app marketplace here.

Does it really work for education?

Lets reiterate how ideal the Hubspot system is for online learning, education and any other method of learning.

We can say 100% it works! How? Well, we’ve seen it work. Hear from education and e-learning providers who have been on this journey already.

Circus Street

Website and Inbound combined to drive impact

An online learning provider needed a site to reflect their quality platform and new brand but focussed on lead generation and easy-to-edit functionality

Newcastle University

How we helped a £500m company give better service to the lifecycle of their customers

By utilising several HubSpot features and integrations, Newcastle University was able to answer queries faster than ever before and free up its internal team to do more meaningful work for their prospects around the globe.


HubSpot website reduces website management by 20 hours a month

In collaboration with Avidly, Learningbank chose to move their WordPress website to HubSpot CMS. The migration has resulted in a 20-hour reduction in website management each month, higher page speed, a streamlined web design, and a website that is integrated with the rest of Learningbank’s marketing efforts in HubSpot.

Newcastle University

We helped integrate complex systems to see how effective their marketing is

Traditional redbrick universities have lots of complex software that often doesn't link together. We helped Newcastle University to overcome this challenge and helped them drive change.

Newcastle University

This is how Newcastle University started to attract students using inbound marketing

After just one academic year of influence and plenty of time for the compounding effect on traffic of evergreen content to kick in, inbound marketing has started to drive £2.25m in international student tuition fees.


“We can now do things in this academic year that we could only dream of previously.”

Alaric Pritchard, Newcastle University

Frequently asked questions

Can HubSpot help to manage enrollment fees?

Your education establishment likely already has a piece of software you use to manage fees. HubSpot is capable of integrating with other tools. We can discuss together your specific software and offer tailored advice once we have that information. 

Will HubSpot work with our invoicing systems?

Yes, HubSpot can be tailored to meet your needs and we can make HubSpot communicate with many systems using its wide range of integrations. We’ve also seen custom SAP integrations built to communicate between software. We happy to talk about your specific needs in more detail.

Will HubSpot work with our internal systems?

Yes. We know you'll likely have a wide range of tools that you need to all work together. We can tailor HubSpot to make it 'speak' to and update based on the information it receives from the other tools. 

Can HubSpot be used to communicate with students at all stages of their journey communications?

HubSpot is fantastic at keeping track of lifecycle stages of a student and then allowing you to communicate with them based on where they're at in their journey. These lifecycle stages can be updated based on automation and based on information from other tools too (If you have the right integration in place)

We will work with you to make sure we have all this setup and meet your criteria for communications at each stage. 

How do you work out the student journey?

We believe you know your processes better than anyone. We work with you to get this information from you so that we can map out the system set-up you need.

This is a 2 way of conversation to get you the best results.  

What option is there for student support comms?

HubSpot's Service Hub offers many tools that can be used to improve the service students receive. This can be anything from Customer Portal, Live Chat and a Knowledge Base.

We'll help you work out which of these will help you.

Will HubSpot work out of the box or does it need to be tailored for Education?

HubSpot can work out of the box, but to truly see the benefit for an Education setting, then it needs to be tailored. 

Ready to take the next step?

If you want to talk about how HubSpot can work for your education provider, we’re ready to help and map out exactly how this can work for you 

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