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New HubSpot website reduces Learningbank’s website management by 20 hours a month

About Learningbank

Learningbank is a user-friendly learning platform that engages employees and saves time for everyone.

In collaboration with Avidly, Learningbank chose to move their WordPress website to HubSpot CMS. The migration has resulted in a 20-hour reduction in website management each month, higher page speed, a streamlined web design, and a website that is integrated with the rest of Learningbank’s marketing efforts in HubSpot.  




Starting point

“The website is the most important touchpoint in our business”

Learningbank has been pleased with its WordPress website for many years. They chose WordPress as their Content Management System because it was fairly easy to manage and develop. As Learningbank’s business and marketing team expanded, and more people were working on the website, they ended up in a situation where the website ran off in all directions.

“We are spending a huge amount of money on directing people to our website because it is the most important touchpoint in our business. As potential customers seek information about us on the website, it has to perform 100 percent, but we had ended up with a less streamlined design than what we needed,” says John Risør Hansen, VP of Marketing, Learningbank.

“WordPress is made up of many different plugins that can affect and even destroy other elements on the website if not maintained properly. That is why we spent about 20 hours a month on updates, bugs, and various changes to the website,” he explains and continues:

“At the same time, the WordPress website became very slow and our page speed dropped. It counteracted our chances of gaining a high rank on search engines. Although we could optimize the website, there were some clear limitations - unless you choose a custom solution, which we decided shouldn’t be WordPress.”

Building blocks and split testing can boost website performance

The need for a website that performs better and is easier to work with, led John Risør Hansen and his marketing colleagues to investigate the possibilities for a new CMS.

“Because we use HubSpot as a marketing automation tool, it has always been the most obvious choice. But in my opinion, HubSpot CMS has had some limitations in the past. However, they have definitely upped their game with the new CMS Hub,” says John Risør Hansen.

“It's easy to use building blocks in the form of modules and drag and drop them onto a web page where we can customize images and videos. When we build a landing page, we no longer have to find a form elsewhere in the system, copy a script, and navigate back to paste it onto the page. Now, we can choose the form directly on the landing page,” he explains.

Another HubSpot feature that Learningbank's marketing team has benefited from is the ability to easily perform split tests on various website elements such as landing pages, call-to-actions, pop-ups, and more.

“We didn’t do split tests very often, but now we are constantly running experiments and analyzing the results. It is an important part of creating an incremental lift, where we find the small percentages in the customer journey that contribute to boosting our overall website performance. An example could be to move the conversion rate on a landing page by one percent.”

“It has been amazing working with a more user-friendly CMS. As our website is now integrated with the rest of our marketing efforts in HubSpot, we have reduced our website management from 20 hours to basically 0 hours today.”

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John Risør Hansen, VP of Marketing, Learningbank

What we did 

A smooth transition from WordPress to HubSpot


Learningbank already collaborates with Avidly on marketing automation and inbound strategy. Accordingly, it was a natural choice to use Avidly as a partner in the website migration.

“It has been a great process to develop the website. Avidly's designer, developer, and project manager helped us build UX-friendly website components and adapt them to our design guidelines. At the same time, they were committed to what we wanted to solve with the new website,” says John Risør Hansen and continues:

“I immediately said that I’m not just moving the website to move the website. The goal is to reduce work processes so we can save time, get a higher page speed, and have a website that is more integrated. Avidly solved this in a very good way and gave us the opportunity to be involved in the process through ongoing status and review meetings.”


Learningbank case image statdLearningbank’s performance report after the launch of the new HubSpot website.

In his previous experience from working at agencies, John Risør Hansen has worked with many different websites and CMS systems. He now believes that Learningbank has got one of the strongest CMS solutions with the combination of HubSpot and the way Avidly has built the website components.

“It is suitable for people who have a decent knowledge of website management but don’t have a code-based background. The modules are built with a fixed design framework, but we still have flexibility within that framework. We are impressed with how well it works,” he says.

“Many people pointed out that we should expect a decline in paid results, SEO, etc. when we migrated the website. We didn’t notice anything like that. We got help from Avidly with the technical things like domain and redirects, and then we allocated half a day to review the website on the launch date. It worked out perfectly.” 

The Results


  • Streamlined web design and higher page speed
  • 20 hours less website management a month
  • No decline in performance during the migration

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