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An online learning provider needed a site to reflect their quality platform and new brand but focussed on lead generation and easy-to-edit functionality

Circus Street provides its Digital Marketing Training Courses through an online environment. They approached us as an existing HubSpot user in need of a better website to get the most from their portal and other marketing efforts. 

Since 2011, they’ve helped more than 600,000 people in 150 countries at companies which you’ve most definitely heard of (but we aren’t allowed to mention, as their service is quite often white labelled).

The outcome is that people can work with less stress and fewer silos. This supercharges productivity, breeds satisfaction, and helps organizations thrive.

Find out how we helped them below.

Before we begin, we'd like to share that we won an Impact Award for our work with Circus Street.

Platform Excellence@2x

Meet Lauren and Reena from Circus Street


Our contacts at Circus Street were Lauren Heaton, Head of Marketing, and Reena Tattar, Growth Marketing Manager.

From the start, we knew we'd have a great working relationship as it was clear they had a passion for marketing, growth and making Circus Street a success.

We sat down to speak to them about their journey from start to now at our LOVE INBOUND 2022 event. You can watch that here, but if you want to get straight to the challenges they were facing and how we helped them, keep scrolling.


"The issue was that there's no data between marketing and sales and there was no sync between the systems"


Lauren Heaton -
Circus Street




In a bid to make improvements whilst limiting spending, the team had fallen into the trap of using a sprawling range of freelance providers. This ended up becoming counterproductive as it was more time-consuming and more expensive.

Their original website was performing below par in terms of Google PageSpeed, had a confusing user journey, and unclear company and product positioning in its content.

Plus, Circus Street were struggling with: 

  • Only having a small marketing team having difficulty proving their impact
  • They had no data to measure how effective anything was
  • Outdated company messaging 
  • Legacy website that they couldn't update and change
  • No sync between marketing and sales and multiple software not communicating effectively.

They needed to align multiple turning cogs to make sure that their efforts were going to have the desired effect and drive their growth. 

Their new website needed strategy, SEO, content, UI design and building in the HubSpot CMS.

We were ready to start creating a new site that offered a reflection of the new brand, was optimised to encourage lead generation and was user-friendly in the back end so easy to update.

First, we got down to some strategising...


Fantastic Full Service Website Project

“We worked with Avidly to redesign our website in-line with a company re-brand. The whole experience has been fantastic, they really are the experts. Not only that they have been great to work with too, easy communication and always a friendly face on a call. We also work with Avidly for Paid Search and Social and it was clear they were also aligning internally so we didn't have to play the middle man.”

Russell Bragg Respect_(Green)_overlay

Reena Tattar - Circus Street


We set to work on the website whilst making sure their inbound marketing campaigns worked in sync. All of this was done in close collaboration.  

  • To help Lauren and Reena prove the impact their work has, we provided clear, timely reporting that was rich with data
  • We helped them understand what worked best with their audience by analysing website visitor recordings then designing multiple A/B tests on CTAs and Modules
  • We collaborated closely during content production to ensure their new branding blended with conversion- and SEO-focussed page copy
  • We worked with them to make it easy for the 40-strong sales team to use HubSpot so Lauren and Reena got the data they really needed: They really focussed on the why and drove home the business-wide-benefits of HubSpot



Results & Impact


The major advantage of everything they have implemented is the data to make educated changes and impacts on their business. Lauren says, "Having the data gives us more influence to do the things we want to test".

Collaboration has been key to solving all of their challenges and this is a journey that is far from over. But, so far we've seen:

  • Successful A/B tests on CTAs - One key CTA conversion rate going from 0.45% to 0.97%

  • Website traffic in the last 365 days up 28% compared to the year before.

  • Micro-animation and copywriting combined to create a dynamic H1 on the home page to directly name-check persona job titles (see video below)

By encouraging buy-in from the wider team, they can be convinced that what they are seeing is accurate and trust it to drive their insights. They have the data to back up their decisions.

Lauren says, "we've gone from a team of 2 doing a social post... to making a remarkable difference across the business" She goes on to explain that she now sits on the leadership team and Reena meets with the CEO, which really cements the difference as at LOVE INBOUND we discovered that when Reena first started she sat by the front door covering reception. They now sit with Sales and drive change ... the dream for any marketer! 

For Reena, she's enjoying being approached by other members of the team to say, "Oh, can HubSpot do this?"

To go from a team not making the most of the HubSpot platform to seeking out new opportunities - that's pretty awesome! 

All of this has resulted in Lauren and Reena being afforded a marketing budget 4x before this project so they can do more of what's working.

Image: our team with Circus Street team after a successful Strategy Day 

The relationship continues and we continue to gather ideas for improvement together to drive growth and as Lauren says "we've come a long way."

We love working with Circus Street and can't wait to help them continue to grow, learning from the data and seeing how far they can go whilst making sure we have fun along the way.

In the words of Lauren, "I don’t know what project you’re considering them for... but trust me, just hire them.”


increase in marketing budget

2 person team

A small marketing team but with a powerful steer over the whole business growth


Continually tested to make sure they're delivering the best CTR

Would you like to prove your marketing worth?

By getting the most from HubSpot, and building the buy-in from your wider team, you can get the data to prove what you are doing is working. When it works, you can do more successfully. 

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