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10 movies every sales rep should see

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There are characteristics that a really good sales rep must have, but how can you become an even better and more motivated sales rep?

HubSpot has made a list of the 15 best sales movies of all times - and we have selected our 10 favorites. These movies can give you the motivation to do better at work while teaching you what you really shouldn't do.

10 movies all salesmen should see

1. Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)

The movie portrays two days in the life of four real estate agents, while having an internal competition in the office. The third prize is to get fired (thank you for that), so everyone does everything they can to win. With the contact information of various potential customers, they use questionable tactics to implement sales.

The movie shows that you sometimes have to sell your soul to make a sale. Fortunately, it is not like that in real life. Especially, if you work with inbound sales.




2. Tommy Boy (1995)

Big Tom Callahan owns a car manufacturing company, and one day he wants his son to take over the business. The problem is just that the son, Tommy Boy, is a lazy boy who spent seven years completing a three-year study and has no idea how to run the business for his father. * SPOILER ALERT * The dad dies.

If we were to give Tommy Boy an advice, then it would be to study on what sales all is about. A good example is to get to know inbound sales from the very beginning.





3. Diamond Men (2000)

Eddie Miller has been selling jewelry and diamonds for over 30 years, but now has to pass on the baton to a young boy. By teaching his substitute, he also gets a little reminder of what it was like to be young (especially when it comes to ladies), and they eventually develop mutual respect for each other.

A lesson from this film is that you never stop learning, no matter where in life you are. Always reach out a little bit longer to be able to develop in the role of a sales rep.




4. Lord of War (2005) 

Inspired by a true story, we follow the career of an infamous weapon dealer. The movie shows that the sale of AK-47 to African warlords is not as different as the sale of shoes to older people. It's about treating your customer with respect.

A good way to do this within inbound sales is to get to know your customer. If you ask them the right questions, it will pay off in the long run.




5. Pursuit of Happiness (2006) 

Will Smith plays a struggling salesman who gets custody for his son in the middle of a series of bad events. He decides to start a professional career that will change his life. Fun fact: The boy who plays his son is also his real son.

As a sales rep, it is important to live by the motto that’s in this movie; “You want something? Go and get it. ”




6. Cedar Rapids (2011) 

Tim Lippe has no idea what he is going to do when he is sent to Cedar Rapids to represent his business at an annual insurance convention. He gets strict notice from his boss to stay away from Dean Ziegler, and do you think he can handle it? Drumroll ... Nope! Suddenly, he is under the “guidance” of three convention veterans.


If you have come a step further and are ready to hold a sales meeting, there are several things to consider. Inbound sales are primarily about listening and putting the buyer's needs first.






7. Moneyball (2011) 

Taking advantage of mathematics and data to create new players, Billy Bean makes a wholehearted effort to put together a baseball team, on a small budget. This movie is based on a true story and shows that it is not necessarily the best players at first glance that are the most valuable players.

This movie shows that you don’t need the biggest budget to succeed with sales. It shows the importance of analysis behind numbers and data, and can be related to inbound, where analysis and measures based on data are an important part of the methodology.


8. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) 

It is probably no surprise that this is one of the films that are included in this list. The Wolf of Wall Street is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort. From his time as wealthy stockbroker living the sweet life, to his fall involving crime and corruption.

If you are struggling and unsure whether you can manage the job alone, there are ways to determine if you need help with the sales process itself.


9. Joy (2015) 

This is the story of Joy, who founded a family business, and what kind of ups and downs this implies.

There are, of course, ups and downs in the sales process as well, but as a small helping hand, there are some ways you as a seller can benefit from the inbound methodology.


10. The Founder (2016) 

The sales rep Ray Kroc showed two brothers his innovative foods and they became the world's largest restaurant business; McDonalds. This sounds like a sunshine story that was like a dance of roses, but of course this was done with a good combination of ambition, endurance and ruthlessness.

In this movie there are many tips to pick up for those who are selling. And for us who love junk food; thank God (Kroc) for creating McD.