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The 2018 HubSpot product launch: Video, CMS & better Enterprise Suite

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HubSpot kicked off INBOUND 2018 by unveiling a lot of exciting news, including current and upcoming projects - all worth a bit of exploration.

HubSpot focuses on video

Over the last year, HubSpot has developed an array of video tools. The integration of video as a medium for communication has risen among many companies - though few have had much success.
The launch of HubSpot Video seeks to change this by delivering a more accessible and efficient video tool for sales, marketing, and customer service.
Also, it is possible to connect HubSpot Video to HubSpot’s strong automation engine, revolutionising the way in which inbound is being operated. HubSpot Video will be available for all Pro and Enterprise customers from the 5th of October 2018.

HubSpot CMS as a standalone product

Within the last year, HubSpot’s CMS has undergone significant improvements. By investing a lot of resources, they have managed to develop a system that is easy to use on a daily basis and given skilled developers the opportunity to code advanced modules within the system.
HubSpot’s Website CMS has been a great addition to their strong marketing automation engine. It is no longer necessary to purchase expensive marketing automation tools to build a website using HubSpot’s CMS.
The product’s introduction aims to challenge other market competitors like WordPress. WordPress is by far the cheaper option, with HubSpot CMS coming in at 280€ a month.
HubSpot, however, has built-in security, making it unnecessary to update tons of plug-ins to shield yourself from hackers continually. Hiring a developer to run your WordPress-site will diminish the gap between the monthly expenses to nearly zero.  

Enterprise gets an enormous boost

Let’s be honest. HubSpot’s Enterprise-product has not been much of a bargain. The benefits of Enterprise compared to Professional have been minimal -unless you had more than 40,000 contacts in your database or needed to put your web content on different domains.
HubSpot had to transfer more functions - that were unique to Enterprise- to the Pro-package over the last couple of years to stay competitive.
A big part of HubSpot’s 80 million dollars product development fund has been used to create a more fully developed product for the Enterprise-market. As a spectator, I am willing to acknowledge their huge achievements without having seen the entire process in action.

Enterprise as a gateway to sales and service

HubSpot’s product line for Enterprise will first and foremost finally be completed. In the future, an Enterprise-version of the Hub Marketing, Sales and Service will come to exist.
Although the service component is in its early stage, it cannot be of proper usage unless your needs match its built-in functions. In my opinion, it still needs some fine adjustments and consumer flexibility.
Sales Enterprise acts as a superstructure to their highly successful Sales Pro-product. HubSpot’s Sales-products are essentially independent products that can be combined with all CRM-systems. Yet HubSpot’s own CRM is definitely more fitting for the job.
Advanced features have been added to Sales Enterprise to enhance the customer experience. These features include Playbooks, which are manuscripts or question-manuals for sellers.
The questions will be automatically saved in the customer’s contact card, transcription of phone calls (converting the conversation into searchable text on the contact card), integration to Slack, electronic signature on offer etc.
As one of only 16 selected implementing partners in the world of HubSpot’s Sales Enterprise, we understand the product more than the majority. You can get in touch with us to hear more about Sales Enterprise. 
HubSpots Marketing Platform has also had a number of interesting features added, turning it into a valid option for enterprises.
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