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4 of the best chatbot software and how they can help your business

4 mins read

If companies wish to remain competitive in the modern market, they need to consider leveraging a chatbot into their strategy. However, due to there being such a large range of chatbot software available, choosing the one which is right for you can be difficult.

To make your life a little easier when it comes to choosing a chatbot software for your business, we’ve put together a blog which discusses four of the best options available on the market and their different benefits.

Let's start with our favourite…

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the market leaders when it comes to conversational marketing. Their chatbot tool is extremely popular amongst users, mainly down to the fact that it’s so user friendly and easy for teams to manage on a day to day basis.

HubSpot logo conversational marketingIn addition to this, the tool is seamlessly integrated with HubSpot’s CRM. Why is this a good thing? Because it allows companies to send more personalised content to customers based on information which they already have stored in their database. Here are some more HubSpot Integrations which you need to know about. 

HubSpot’s chatbot has a very similar look and feel to most of the other tools within their system. Therefore there isn’t much learning time required when people first start leveraging the tool in their marketing efforts. 

These are just a few benefits which HubSpot’s chatbot can offer your business. There are many more, including: 

  • - HubSpot’s chatbot has the ability to hand a conversation over to a live agent once a customer is marked as qualified. 
  • - Depending on the nature of a conversation, HubSpot’s chatbot can automatically enroll users into lists and workflows.
  • - There are no coding skills required with HubSpot’s bot. Everything is templated, making the setup of your bot extremely straightforward. 
  • - HubSpot’s bot is very easy to customise. This means you can regularly tweak your copy so that it constantly matches your brand’s tone of voice and meets specific targets.

Find out more about HubSpot’s chatbot tool and why it’s so beneficial here.

2. Drift

Drift is another conversational marketing platform that’s leading the way with chatbots. After just two years in the market, they have over 150,000+ people using their platform and were voted in the top 50 startups by LinkedIn.

drift logo 2020Similarly to HubSpot, Drift’s platform has been designed with the user in mind. All of the chatbots are templated and there’s lots of guidance to ensure you build the right kind for your business.

In regards to integrations, Drift is able to connect with the likes of HubSpot and Salesforce. However, there are limitations when it comes to integrating with nicher platforms such as Seventh Sense. This means that their email automation might not be as effective as other platforms. 

Here are a few more examples of how Drift can be beneficial to your business: 

  • Drift is able to attach a calendar to its bots so that you’re able to provide instant meetings for prospective customers.
  • Their customer support is renowned for being one of the best around. This allows you to overcome any technical hurdles and take your bot to the next level.
  • Drift’s bots are customisable depending on which of your website pages they feature on. 
  • Drift has an A/B testing tool which allows you to determine what parts of your bot are working against which parts aren’t.

3. MobileMonkey

With over 1.3 billion users worldwide, MobileMonkey is the world's largest Facebook Messenger marketing platform. The platform has been designed so that marketers can create and promote their brands through Facebook Messenger chatbots.

mobile monkey chatbot logo

MobileMonkey uses a drag and drop format, which makes the build of your chatbot relatively straightforward. You have the option to choose from a robust collection of chat widgets such as text, GIFs and native videos. 

Whilst Facebook is deemed to be one of the hottest mediums to market on at present, there are limitations with MobileMonkey being a Facebook Messenger only platform. These include: 

  • Your chatbot won’t feature anywhere on your website. Instead, it will only feature on your Facebook page.
  • What if your key personas don’t use Facebook very much? You should always keep your personas in mind when it comes to building and designing your chatbot.
  • MobileMonkey’s product is pretty expensive. Therefore you need to ensure that the platform is going to be worth it and you’re guaranteed to see a return on your investment. 

However, we can’t forget to mention some of the amazing benefits which MobileMonkey can offer to your business. These are just a few examples:

  • MobileMonkey allows you to build in leads magnets such as scan codes, buttons and checkboxes in order to help you grow your contact list.
  • You can also create chatbot funnels which help you to score and qualify all of your leads.
  • Send targeted notifications, updates and promotions in Facebook Messenger to your different audiences.

4. Botsify

Another leader in the conversational marketing industry is Botsify. They’re also focused on making their product user friendly and allow companies to incorporate chatbots into their existing channels such as Facebook and their website. 

botsify chatbot logo

Compared to the likes of Drift, Botsify is a far cheaper option. Their product costs around £40 a month, which is very little when you consider that Drift charge over £600 per month. However, you’re limited to building 10 chatbots with Botsify (where with Drift you can build as many as you like). 

Botsify is unable to integrate with some of the leading CRMs such as HubSpot and Salesforce. This means that your chatbot’s database is going to be much smaller than some of the competitors who are able to offer better integration choices.

There are, however, some great benefits that Botsify can offer which some of its competitors cannot. These include:

  • Botsify can build both website and Facebook chatbots. This widens your options and allows you to reach larger target audiences.
  • Chatbots can be set up to operate in five different countries, including: America/The UK, Pakistan, India, China and Brazil.
  • Botsify’s chatbot can integrate with Shopify through just a few clicks. Many platforms require companies to know Zapier in order to be able to integrate their bot and their shop. 
  • Botsify is ran through machine learning. This means you can record all the messages your bot didn’t answer and teach it to answer those questions the way you want next time around.

So, let’s round things up

All four of the chatbot softwares which I’ve ran through are brilliant in their own right. Each of them offer different kinds of benefits which will help you take your conversational marketing to the next level.

HubSpot’s chabot is renowned for being one of the best in the industry. Like most of their marketing tools, it’s efficient, easy to use and is able to reap some amazing rewards if you run it effectively. 

There’s no coding required when you’re setting up your bot. Everything is done for you. Also, the seamless integration with HubSpot’s CRM means that you’re able to send highly personal and targeted content to your users.

However, by no means am I dismissing the other softwares which I’ve mentioned. The other three offer some amazing perks such as multi-language, chatbot funnels and excellent customer support teams.

Whichever you decide to go with, I’ve got no doubt that they’ll be really beneficial to your business.

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