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A day in the life of a Content Marketer at Digital 22

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Writing blogs and download pieces, attending campaign meetings or even beating the rest of the office at FIFA (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise), my typical day as a Content Marketer at Digital 22 is always different. What is a common theme, though, is that I’m part of a close-knit team that produces amazing content for a range of clients every day.

content team

The role involves a lot of writing - from blogs and pillar pages to eBooks and web copy. But it’s always exciting because no two days are the same - even though they’re planned out really well by the Projects team. Here’s what a typical day looks like for me as a Content Marketer at Digital 22.


Getting in...

My day actually starts at around 8am. I just like to get in a little early, enjoy the quiet drive to Clitheroe and start planning my day. Plus, there are like, over 100 different places to sit and we hot desk, so I pretty much get the first pick of where I want to sit which is pretty cool.

There’s free cereal in the kitchen as well so I make sure I’ve got my fix of Weetos or hot chocolate before making a head start on any of my tasks and catching up on any emails. 

If it’s a quieter day and somebody else is in the office at the same time as me, I might sneak in a quick game of pool or table tennis before getting back to my desk. Trust me, it definitely helps me get started with my day.


Starting my day

If I haven’t already, at around 9am, I’ll start proofing work from the other writers in the team. This is almost always the first task we get on with so we don’t slow down the process.

This also includes any amends from someone else on the Content Team after my work has been proofed.  Or, it might be that a client has requested something specific to put into a blog or download piece.

Before getting on with the heavier tasks for the rest of my day, the Content or, if we’ve got some big, collaborative project going on, Creative Department get together for a quick 10-minute scrum. It’s just a brief catch-up to update each other on what we’ve worked on this week, our priorities for that day or if we need help on a particular task.


Mid-morning: Diving into writing tasks

Then it’s on to writing. It’s hard for me to say exactly what a typical day looks like at this point. Most of the time I’m writing a blog for one of our clients but it could just as easily be a download piece, doing meta descriptions or even web copy.

Most of the time, it’s a blog writing task so I’ll start by researching the topic. I also get together with the rest of the Content Team to run through each client’s personas so we’re all on the same page. This allows us to produce killer content each time we write.

Once I know which client I’m writing for, what the topic is and I’ve done my hour or so of research, I’ve got plenty of time to start writing my blogs. Once I’ve finished writing, I’ll read through it and send it to the next stage of the process - that’s where the proofing kicks in the following morning.


Or: Campaign meetings and brainstorms

This also depends on what I have scheduled for my day. It could very well be a blog for the same or another client, it might be another writing task or it might be a campaign meeting or brainstorm. We tend to nominate one or two members of the Content Team to go to these where one of our Strategists lets us know what’s on the horizon for a particular client.


So, either I or another member of the Content Team will be there, somebody from SEO, a Designer, somebody from the Social Team, Marketers, Apprentices - basically someone from each team. It allows us to share ideas, get to know what the plan will be and also gives us a head start to begin thinking about some of the content we can create.

Helping clients and each other grow is one of our core values at Digital 22, and these meetings are a good example of that. We get together to make sure we’re in a great position to smash a fantastic campaign out of the park and collaborating with other teams in the company is a brilliant opportunity to help each other excel.

Once that’s done, I’ll come back to my desk and share my notes with everyone from the Content Team that wasn’t in the meeting.

A bit of lunch

At around 12, I go for my lunch in the kitchen/breakout area. Lunch is never really boring either. We had arguably the greatest team lunch ever in June for the Eid buffet following Ramadan which is definitely going to become an annual tradition.


If it’s a Friday, we’re spoilt for choice. Our CRO Analyst and resident chippy connoisseur, Tom K, pulls through with a chippy lunch to end the week on the right note. Although, he’s got a rival on the horizon. Graphic Designer Bilal has started offering his Subway/curry services which also go down a treat.

It’s a win-win for us. We get a great lunch either way. Then we get together again for a game of pool, table tennis or even jump on the Super Nintendo or Xbox.


Then back to work

After lunch, it’s back to the grind. I’ll usually dive right in once more to the blog writing task or if it’s a download piece, I’ll sit with the Design Team so we can map out how we want the final piece to look.

I also try and squeeze in some training time to help my development and share the learnings with the wider team. It might be some HubSpot videos and exams, some training or any other interesting courses we come across.

After I’ve finished writing another blog and completed some training, I can focus on some other writing-related tasks which also involves a little bit of strategy. I find this is great for both my development and it allows me to play a small role in helping shape future content.

This can include a task like helping create a planning hub. Here, I’ll get together with whoever’s free from the Content Team and the Content Manager so we can start creating blog titles and briefs for future content.

This is a great task. It gives me a bit more freedom to be super creative with titles that demand attention and also make really detailed briefs to help the Content Team when it’s time to write up those blogs and download pieces.


Analysis is something else we do

Again, if it’s not another writing task then I’ll start to do some blog analysis. This is another big part of the role because I get to analyse previous content we’ve written over past campaigns and see what’s working.

It can be analysing the tone of content, the types of images used, the terminology - anything I think is worth sharing with the Content Team. In the end, it’s all about using this knowledge, finding common themes and positively impacting future campaigns and content for every single client.


Heading home

Then, it’s time to head home. That’s unless it’s a Friday by which point I’ll already be chilling at home because of the 3pm finish. Nobody rushes out of the door, though. Sometimes we stick around to take advantage of the free booze (I’m only on the soft drinks, don’t worry, Mum). 

fifa after work

Or if it’s a Tuesday, there’s five-a-side football to get involved in. That’s most of the bases covered as a Content Marketer so if it’s something which interests you, then you’re in luck.


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