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An Introduction To Inbound - Inbound Answered #0 [Intro Video]

This is the first video in our series which aims to answer all the questions we receive from clients and people we network with. In short, it's inbound answered. This is your introduction to inbound answered...

Now Watch Inbound Answered #1 Here


Hey, guys, Rikki from Digital 22, here.

Today, I'm starting a new video series called "Inbound Answered".

When I first started with inbound marketing, I had loads of questions. So, I wanted, to create this series to answer those common questions that people ask. And share my experiences.

Basically, just create a resource that I really would have wanted when I just got started with inbound marketing.

So, I've done my first one, it's "How To Create An Inbound Strategy?"

It was a session I recorded at an event HubSpot invited me to speak to. I'll to it below and I look forward to helping you every week with your inbound questions!


Now Watch Inbound Answered #1 Here

What Is Inbound Answered?

It's our ongoing video series which will answer a lot of the common questions when people are getting started with inbound marketing.

Some of them are questions that Rikki and the team all had when we were first introduced to inbound marketing. Other questions that will be answered come from our clients or prospective clients.

Want To Find Out More About Inbound Marketing?

You can find out more about inbound marketing instead. Download our free ebook guide which tells you all you need to know about inbound marketing and get in the right position to get started with planning your first campaign.