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Automate your sales process with the HubSpot Sales Hub

Have you ever lost out on a deal because you forgot to follow up? Or wondered how to best prioritise your leads? Automation could be the answer to your sales problems. HubSpot’s Sales Hub automation tools can help you increase productivity and accelerate your sales processes. Read on to find out how.

If you’re looking to increase productivity, accelerate your sales process and ensure your prospects don’t slip away, you should consider automating your sales process. HubSpot’s Sales Hub makes this easy with several effective automation tools.

What is sales automation?

Sales automation is the process of mechanising manual, time-consuming tasks using software such as artificial intelligence (AI) and other digital tools. That means those repetitive tasks sales reps or managers do every day can soon be a thing of the past.

HubSpot says 61% of businesses utilising sales automation exceeded revenue targets in 2020.


HubSpot’s Sales Hub implements automation to ensure customers have a more personalised and enjoyable experience when purchasing from your company. Whether it’s connecting quotes and recurring payments to automated workflows or improving your quote-to-cash speed, Sales Hub has a range of tools to automate your sales process.

Sales automation tools within HubSpot

Sales Hub’s automation tools allow you to automate several processes, giving you more time to perform higher-level tasks. You’ll be able to close more leads with sequences and workflows while your prospects are nurtured automatically.

1. Automate your follow-up

By queuing a series of automated sales emails, you can prevent prospects from slipping through the net. These sequences ensure you never lose touch with your prospects, allowing you to build relationships automatically.

HubSpot will provide you with a list of email templates and task options, meaning you can enroll a contact right from your inbox.

2. Personalise and tailor your automated sales emails

The last thing you want your sales emails to be is impersonal. Sales Hub’s personalisation tokens allow you to automate your sales emails while still sounding human. Personalisation tokens enable you to address a person or company, adding a personal touch to your sales emails.

3. Streamline your sales process with workflows

Workflows are a great way to rotate leads, create deals, organise tasks and manage your data in bulk. Workflows send company notifications to your team whenever a contact takes an action that you’ve previously specified should trigger a notification. Then, tasks can be created to alert your sales team that they should follow up with a contact.

Why you should automate your sales process

Automating your sales process can bring many benefits. You should consider it if you’re looking to move you or your employees away from menial, repetitive tasks.

Here are several ways in which Sales Hub can streamline your business:

  • Organise meetings with prospects
  • Receive lead website revisit notifications
  • Reminders on idle or inactive deals
  • Notifications when prospect increases in priority
  • Automate sales follow-ups

Sales Hub’s CRM automation tools go a long way for business development. It gives you back valuable time which would’ve been spent on repetitive tasks.

By automating your sales process, you can boost productivity and improve your sales numbers. You can check out the different automation tools HubSpot offers or request a free Sales Hub demo here.

Got any questions? We’d be more than happy to speak to you about how HubSpot can improve your sales process. Book a chat with us through the button below.

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