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Avidly moves into Germany by acquiring a top inbound agency

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Avidly and NP Business Solutions - a German HubSpot Diamond Partner - are joining forces. This will give Avidly a strong foothold in the growing German market and make it possible to serve clients across the Nordics even better.

“We are continuously looking for the right possibilities to engage with other agencies and ultimately join forces. When we began our talks with NP Business Solutions, it quickly became clear that there was a great match between our visions and how we want to help our clients.

I’m very excited that we are able to welcome Achim and the rest of the team at NP Business Solutions to the family,” says Ingunn Bjøru, COO of Avidly Inbound Business Line.

A perfect fit

Growing Avidly outside the Nordics through acquisitions is a key part of Avidly’s growth strategy. Acquiring 100% of NP Business Solutions (previously named NetPress GmbH) is a significant first step in that direction.

NP Business Solutions is a HubSpot Diamond Partner with a core team of 10 employees and a network of 40 freelancers. CEO Achim B.C. Karpf and his team are focusing on inbound marketing and sales for B2B companies and a significant part of the revenue today stems from web development and integrations.

“NP Business Solutions is a perfect fit if you look at the vision we have for Avidly. 

We want to be the leading HubSpot Partner Agency in the world - NP Business Solutions is one of only 3 Diamond Partners in Germany.

We want to be a leading solution provider within web development and technical integrations - NP Business Solutions are experts on exactly that.

We want to focus on the upper mid and lower enterprise market - they have a lot of experience with enterprise clients, including DELL, BASF, Cisco and VMware,” says Ingunn Bjøru.

Next step from the top level in Germany

Achim B.C. Karpf founded NP Business Solutions in 2012, and he is looking forward to becoming part of an agency that shares his ambitions for the future.

“From the first contact with Avidly, I had a very good impression of the agency and the people, and I’m sure it is a great fit for us. We’ve reached the top level in Germany and we have been thinking about what our next step should be. The intention of growing the market for HubSpot in Europe and the whole philosophy behind Avidly was perfectly in line with our thinking,” says Achim B.C. Karpf: 

“Over the recent years we’ve developed our company from a classic marketing agency to a solution provider within the HubSpot ecosystem, and it’s the same direction Avidly is heading, so I feel that we can contribute a lot.”

NP Business Solutions will continue under the current brand, just adding  “- part of Avidly” to the name to mark the change. 

More to offer international customers

The German market is the fastest growing European market for HubSpot, which in itself makes it an interesting market for Avidly. But having a strong local presence in Germany also means that Avidly will be able to serve its clients better across all current offices.

“First of all we’ve added 10 very skilled and experienced team members in one day, which is a significant addition to our combined skill set. Another important point here is that we already have Nordic clients looking to grow their business in the German market, and now we are able to serve them with experts on the ground in Munich and Berlin where NP Business Solutions hold offices,” says Ingunn Bjøru.

The acquisition of NP Business Solutions was completed on August 28th. Avidly now counts +300 employees in 5 countries. +100 of employees are working in the Avidly Inbound Business Line.

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