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COVID-19 challenges webinar - 6 videos you need to create today.

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Recently, our Founder and Director, Rikki, was asked to do a talk. It was about helping marketing professionals navigate the challenges caused by COVID-19 and the feedback was great.

So to continue providing you guys with value, we brought along five industry leaders in our webinar series: helping marketing and sales professionals navigate the challenges caused by COVID-19.

At Digital 22, we’re all-in on video. So first up it made complete sense to welcome Yaniv Siegel, EMEA Sales and Partnerships at Vidyard. If you were unable to attend the webinar, don’t worry. You can still get all the value totally free and ungated by watching the video below.

People want to consume video. It’s quickly becoming the preferred method of digesting content which means you need to give the people what they want.

Although times are tough during this pandemic, it’s probably not the best idea to completely shut down all of your marketing efforts and thankfully, Yaniv has highlighted how you can create six different types of video in only three easy clicks. (He was also at our LOVE INBOUND event this year, discussing how you can humanise your sales process using video).

During the webinar, Yaniv highlighted how we can’t communicate face-to-face right now, so doing it via video is clearly the next best thing. He started by talking about why you should utilise video in the first place - especially in today’s climate. 

Just think about how many people are using Netflix, YouTube, Disney+ and other platforms right now, so there’s an opportunity to match the way people are consuming content.

To get started right away, here’s a quick rundown of the six types of video you might want to start implementing.

  • Network communication: perfect for connecting with audiences on your social media platforms, such as LinkedIn. It’s a genuine way to communicate, be helpful and engage with people.
  • Webinars and online events: these tend to get high turnouts, they’re cheaper than other methods and less time-consuming. Best of all, they provide more lead generation opportunities.
  • 1-1 video prospecting: with more personalisation and less automation, you can nurture prospects in a much more human way.
  • 1-1 video sales: like the above, it’s more personalised and more human. It’s a great way to improve your follow-up processes and it’s different - not everybody does it.
  • Customer communication: if you need to show processes or software in action, this is perfect. From how-to’s to complex questions, it’s much more effective than endless email chains.
  • Internal communication: Need to get an important update out to your team? A video is a much better alternative to reading through long-winded messages. It’s easily digestible and quicker to get your message across.

To hear about each type in more depth, make sure to check out the video. It’s also worth hitting the play button if you want to see how you can get started in three easy clicks. Like the fifth type of video, it’s much easier for Yaniv to show you how you can do it rather than me explaining it all here.

Plus, there are some great questions at the end, so stick around in case Yaniv answers something you had on your mind.

Yaniv was one of five expert guests who joined our webinar series to help you in these testing times. We were also joined by:

When it comes to video, this is clearly just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve actually got another great video resource which highlights the statistics you need to know, processes and steps to get started on your video journey. To find out more, check out the guide below.

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But like anything in inbound, it’s a long game. It’s why we’ve emphasised not to stop marketing entirely as what you do now will impact your results in Q3 and Q4. To really understand the ins and outs of inbound marketing and just how much is involved, I’d recommend checking out (and bookmarking) the all-in-one guide to inbound marketing.

From SEO and PPC to content marketing and social media. There are so many cogs in the machine you need to be on top of to truly get the most out of your strategy. Check it out below.

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