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Digital 22 joins Avidly

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We have some very exciting news to share with you... Digital 22 will be joining Avidly.

This comes after we recently expanded into Canada and means Digital 22 will become Avidly UK & Canada.

“I’m excited by the potential of this acquisition for both our team and by the increased impact we can have on our clients," said Rikki Lear, Digital 22 founder and co-owner. Adding,

"Digital 22 has always had global ambitions. We’ve worked with companies across 13 different countries from our office in the UK but by joining Avidly we can take this ambition to the next level.”

D22 - Sign and office

So, what's changing?

If you're a customer:

Generally, your day-to-day experience won’t change and it’s business as usual.

Your point of contact, T&Cs and way of working will all remain the same.

But, there are benefits if you want to take advantage of them;

  • Access to 250 more skilled marketing, CRM and HubSpot professionals
  • Increased capacity across all departments and even more services to help you grow
  • Local, in-market studios in another 5 countries (on top of Digital 22’s studios in the UK and Canada) for those wanting to expand internationally

With Digital 22 onboard, Avidly will now have studios in the UK, Canada, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Denmark and have more than 300 experts in the team.


If you already are (or want to be) part of the Digital 22/Avidly UK & Canada team:

It's all exciting news here too.

A huge part of this joining of forces was because of the close cultural alignment between Digital 22 and Avidly.

Rikki and Mark Byrne (Digital 22 co-owner) passionately believe in building a company that's a place for people to grow, learn and enjoy working together.

And that doesn't change - apart from things just got bigger and even more exciting:

  • You'll be part of a 300+ strong, rapidly growing, truly global company
  • Having the chance to work with colleagues in 7 countries and the possibility of working out of studios in various amazing locations
  • Get the opportunity to work on the biggest, most exciting HubSpot projects

"This move is taking Avidly into an exciting direction" Jesse Maula, Avidly CEO

Avidly are as excited as we are. Here's what their Board of Directors and CEO, respectively, had to say about the acquisition. First, Joakim Fagerbakk, chairman of Avidly’s Board of Directors,

“Over the past year, we have been actively exploring various growth and partnership opportunities within the Martech ecosystem. Digital 22 shares our values and vision to create impactful growth in both our customers; business and our own business," says Joakim before adding,

"With the acquisition, we are taking the desired leap into a new market and strengthening Avidly’s current position as a global leading sales and marketing partner for the world’s leading marketing automation system HubSpot.”

And Avidly CEO, Jesse Maula, says,

“This move is taking Avidly into an exciting direction, as an increasing part of our work focuses on digital transformations in sales and marketing, i.e. helping organizations tackle high stakes business challenges through data, creativity; technology. This also deepens our expertise in inbound marketing, Hubspot services, web development, social media, SEO, and sales enablement - which are fast-growing segments in our practice and critical sectors for our future success.”

What Digital 22 will look like now

It's still the same amazing team, the same focus to grow, learn and enjoy what we do together and the same ambitious growth plans as ever before.

All led by the same Directors and Leadership team as helped us grow over our first chapters.

The name will change to Avidly UK & Canada, but the Board and CEO firmly believe in not trying to fix what isn't broken.

So, with this move, the Avidly UK & Canada business will be able to carry on serving even bigger and more exciting international clients - whilst operating from its Clitheroe headquarters.

If you'd like to explore working with us, explore our current vacancies...