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Don’t want FOMO? 10 benefits of renewing your HubSpot subscription

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If I were there in person, I’d keep swatting your hand away to stop you from clicking the ‘cancel subscription’ button on HubSpot. Not until you hear me out, at least. The fact you’re using HubSpot already suggests you saw something in the platform that made you want to go all-in. The last thing you want is to feel a sense of regret once you cancel your HubSpot subscription.

If you’re still 50-50 on whether it’s worth keeping around in your business, here are 10 benefits of renewing your HubSpot subscription to make your decision easier.

1. You won’t have to go back to juggling multiple software

If you were bouncing between different platforms before using HubSpot, that’s the reality you’ll experience again if you don’t renew your HubSpot subscription. This means you’ll need one platform for your marketing team, another for your sales, something entirely different for your service team and then another for your website.

By renewing HubSpot, you’ll have everything you need in one place.

2. You’ll continue benefiting from powerful insights

HubSpot is the best software for an inbound strategy. Fact. It was built from the ground up for this purpose. Keeping HubSpot means you’ll continue to get the tracking and analytics you can’t get anywhere else. You can create content and tailor it precisely to where each user is in their personal buyer’s journey. Cancel your renewal and it’s a guessing game once again.

3. You won’t have to re-learn a new platform

HubSpot is easy to use. They’ve gone to great lengths to fine-tune the usability and haven’t compromised how powerful the platform remains. Those great lengths? They asked a drunken user to test it while watching and listening carefully, making changes as necessary. Stay with HubSpot and benefit from its ease of use. Leave, and you’ll need to think about the time it’ll take to train and upskill your team on any alternative software.



4. Stay ahead of the game at no extra cost

HubSpot won’t just leave you to it once you’ve signed up. If you feel that way, you probably haven’t checked out the extensive Academy, which currently has over 400 free courses and certifications to try out. Regardless of where you are on your HubSpot journey and how clued up you are, there’s something for users at every level. 

Renewing your Hubspot subscriptions means you’ll continue to get access to these valuable resources at no extra cost, so you always continue to grow as a marketer.

5. You won’t lose access to some powerful features

Trying to find an alternative to HubSpot seems easy on paper. Type it in on Google. Find a comparison guide. Off you go. But the problem is not every alternative can replicate the features HubSpot offers. By renewing, you’ll continue benefiting from:

  • Contact management so you can streamline data entry
  • Deal stages through easy dragging and dropping
  • Daily dashboard so you can view progress, pipelines and tasks
  • Task management to streamline your team's daily workflows
  • Content repository so your sales team can find the collateral they need
  • Automated data capture, which automatically logs calls and emails
  • Reporting, which makes it easy to export and distribute trends
  • Mobile capabilities so your team can log on wherever they are
  • Marketing automation integration so you don't lose information or opportunities

It’ll be a tough ask trying to find a platform that can offer you all of this and more.

6. You’ll be the first to try out the newest tools

HubSpot understands how quickly the tech landscape shifts, so they don’t take their foot off the gas when it comes to new releases. Each month, HubSpot reveals a complete list of product updates so you can learn more and implement the latest tools. Renewing your HubSpot subscription means you’ll always get access to these innovative tools.

If you’re tempted to cancel your HubSpot renewal because you don’t use all of the features, don’t give up. There are plenty of HubSpot partner agencies you can find on their solutions directory. They can work with you to understand what features of the platform are most valuable to you and what you can sacrifice.

If you need pointers on finding the right one, take a look at our eight-point guide below to help you make the right decision.


7. You’ll also benefit from regular beta features

If regular, new tools weren’t enough, HubSpot also releases new features - but they’re not available to everyone. The offerings are usually reserved for Diamond, Platinum and Elite partners. So, it might be worth working with one to ensure you stay ahead of your competition by accessing powerful beta features.

8. Keep using tools every area of your business will benefit from

Try to think just how valuable HubSpot is for every department, not just you. It isn’t easy finding a range of tools to help marketing, sales and service teams - especially when it isn’t easy getting them on the same page. By renewing your HubSpot subscription, here are some features each team will benefit from and what they can achieve:

  • Marketing Hub: Lead generation, marketing and analytics so you can grow traffic, convert visitors and run inbound marketing campaigns at scale
  • Sales Hub: Email tracking, email automation and meeting scheduling so you gain deeper insights into prospects and automate tedious tasks
  • Service Hub: Tickets, knowledge base and customer feedback to help your business connect with customers, exceed their expectations and turn them into promoters to drive growth
  • CMS Hub: The CMS Hub is perfect for everyone - marketers, developers and IT teams. With features like the drag-and-drop editor, attribution reporting and themes, you can easily create and manage website pages personalised for different visitors

9. You’ll get an SEO safety net to help you rank

There are plenty of SEO tools out there you’re probably already using, but keeping HubSpot means you’ll get to enjoy the integrated SEO tools. It’s a perfect safety net in case anything slips through the cracks and you need to perform better in search engine results.

If you haven’t already, create a new blog, landing page or website. You’ll notice how HubSpot offers timely, on-page SEO advice that helps. If you missed anything, HubSpot will flag it so you’re always in a strong position. Combine this with integrated content tools and performance tracking and you’ll struggle to find something as useful elsewhere.

10. Continue working without always needing your developers

If you’ve been using HubSpot to its potential, your developers would have thanked you by now. That’s because HubSpot is designed so it’s easy for everybody to use, rather than needing your developers for even the smallest of tasks, such as a swift website edit. 

By renewing your HubSpot subscription, you can keep your developers focused on their main tasks. This goes for email templates too. Having pre-made templates is a real time-saver where your marketers can choose from a wide range.

Without HubSpot, you’ll need to factor in how much time your developers can devote to coding templates - and how long it’ll be before they’re free to even jump on that task.

There are many benefits of renewing your HubSpot subscription - more than I could possibly list in one blog. By renewing, you’ll still enjoy superior automation, positively impact experiences with personalisation and eliminate any guesswork with lead scoring.

But most importantly, sticking with HubSpot means you get to continue using a CRM that’s flexible and designed to work for your business so you can grow better. If you want to benefit from CRM-powered marketing, HubSpot is the software to use. 

There might be a handful of reasons why you’re debating to opt against renewing your HubSpot subscription. But before you throw in the towel, we have a playbook filled with plays and strategies to help you decide whether you should continue your HubSpot journey.

Valuable plays to help you decide your next steps with HubSpot

In the HubSpot renewal playbook, you’ll find everything from taking advantage of all the training opportunities on offer, whether other alternatives are better suited to you, preparing to leave HubSpot and much more.

If you want to get your hands on these handy plays, make sure to hit the button below to gain access.