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How to Optimise an Account-Based Marketing Campaign with HubSpot

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When done correctly, the combination of account-based marketing (ABM) and inbound works brilliantly as there’s a focus on marketing efforts being relevant, buyer-focussed, personalised and resonates with your audience. Eighty-seven percent of marketers measuring ROI say that ABM outperforms other marketing investments, so it’s definitely something worth considering but the right platform is needed.

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That’s where HubSpot and the tools within its growth stack can help optimise your ABM marketing campaigns to help your business grow. 

A Powerful CRM

When it comes to searching for a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) platform for your ABM campaigns, it’s difficult to look past the HubSpot CRM. It’s a brilliant hub for managing lead generation campaigns while marketing and sales activities are seamlessly tied to the CRM.

This means there’s always a clear record of a contact’s history while you can also track campaign progress in real time.

Making it easy to manage your key accounts, the CRM gives you a comprehensive overview of contact interactions while recording different types of information which can both support and accelerate your ABM campaign.

As every interaction is accounted for, it’s beneficial in the sense that your relationships are handled with care without over-communicating.

A Useful CMS

The success of any account-based marketing campaign heavily relies on creative and engaging content, so an equally brilliant platform is needed. HubSpot’s content management system (CMS) is a great option as it helps you to create and manage your content better than most platforms.


The versatility of HubSpot’s CMS is something that will really help drive your ABM campaign. Depending on the direction you want the campaign to go in, HubSpot has features that help you to generate new ideas for topics which you might not have considered early on in the campaign planning process.

Unified Sales and Marketing Tools

For an ABM campaign and strategy to work, both sales and marketing need to be on the same page - and that means utilising tools that both teams can benefit from. HubSpot can help optimise your ABM campaign here because the software features sales and marketing tools that work hand-in-hand.

By using HubSpot's Sales and Marketing tools together, you and your teams can nurture your key accounts a lot better. To dig a little deeper, the sales tools help you to send personal 1:1 messages to your biggest brand advocates, while on the marketing side, you can use the tools to establish your footprint and build greater credibility in your sector.

Personalised Approach

Through the use of personalisation, your ABM campaigns can benefit massively by being able to put your relationships first through consistently delivering a personal and human experience.

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You can even take it a step further with certain integrations to extend personalisation. You can create website pages, landing pages, CTAs, emails and a lot more which all adapt to the specific accounts and sets of visitors.

Targeting Capabilities

Considering that account-based marketing revolves around being a personalised approach, HubSpot is a great platform to use to optimise your ABM campaign because of its bespoke targeting strategies. This makes it super easy to enhance conversion rates by targeting specific leads.

For example, HubSpot can share content, based on highly targeted audience segmentation. This means certain content can be displayed exclusively to certain people which you choose, depending on specific job titles, if they work for certain accounts you’re targeting, targeting through a keyword, IP address and pretty much any other bespoke target solutions.

Marketing Automation System

For any ABM campaign to succeed, a reliable marketing automation system is needed. The right platform can help you work with specifically-targeted clients and generate many more leads from the key accounts that actually matter to you.

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HubSpot’s marketing automation system can easily identify specific triggers within your ABM campaign. This helps to segment certain data sets while communicating with your lead automatically to better nurture them - especially if they’re unsure of whether they want to commit to an opportunity.

Account-Based Reporting

In HubSpot, you can report on the growth of companies you target over time. So, you can track company-level revenue, job titles, engagement levels and a lot more all at an account level. By having these reports available, you’re in a much better position to deliver a successful ABM campaign.

Tips on Doing ABM the Right Way with HubSpot

  • Get really specific about the accounts you’re targeting.

  • Create valuable content for your personas, such as case studies and personalised videos.

  • Get that relevant content in front of the right people at the right time.

  • Identify your key accounts by digging into what you know about the companies and use account scoring in HubSpot to determine which accounts are actually engaged with your company.

  • Expand your reach by creating content in HubSpot that helps personas influence others and make your content easily shareable.

  • Nurture your accounts using company-level insights.

Find Out More About Optimising Your ABM Strategy on an Enterprise Level

For enterprise companies like yours, it’s important to adopt different inbound strategies so that all of your campaigns are both optimised and succeed at scale. But ABM is just one strategy you should think about. 

To find out more about account-based marketing and other strategies, like event marketing and personalised experiences, check out our eBook - Inbound for Enterprise. It’s packed full of useful tips on how to organise your campaigns right through to implementing them and succeeding.

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