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Facebook ad update gets local - here's what you need to know.

Facebook is continually working to improve its advertising services to help local businesses. Last year Facebook released awareness ads that displayed adverts to users in a local area aimed at improving awareness about a business and their services. Now, Facebook has released another handy tool to help businesses create relevant ads. Users can now create multiple local ads and gain more insight about potential customers in their area. 

location markers over London

New Locations Ads tool

Facebook's new location ads tool means businesses that have multiple shop locations can automatically personalise their ads for each different location.

The new tool lets businesses who use Facebook Locations (let’s you create multiple pages for different shop locations), create one ad and the location information automatically changes depending on the location of the users who see it.

For example:

Pretend we have multiple cake shops (everyone loves cake). And then we create an ad saying “Visit our cake shop in Clitheroe,” people in Clitheroe would see this, then in Blackburn, they would see the same ad but it would be automatically altered to “Visit our cake shop in Blackburn.”

This makes Facebook ads more relevant!

Already we can see many benefits to using this new tool:

  • Saves money - the spend on your ads will be more efficient
  • Gets your ads in front of the relevant people. As we’re an inbound marketing agency, we love relevant advertising.
  • Improves current advertising strategies
  • Saves time - create one ad that can be seen in multiple locations

New Page Insights tool

Originally businesses could visit their Page Insights to understand more about the people who were visiting their Facebook business pages. Now, on the Insights tab, you can check out Local insights to find out more about people in the local areas.

facebook local insights tab

Demographic information and social trends allow businesses to understand the local crowd. The aim of this feature is to help businesses tailor specific CTAs, special offers and ads that will engage with these potential customers.

From these insights you can also see how many people in the local area saw your ad in their newsfeed. This data can help you determine how well your ads are doing.  

New Facebook Ad Update helping bring communities together

These two new updates helps businesses learn more about their local community and create ads that will engage. Facebook is helping to make ads more efficient and higher quality.

Customers will only engage with ads if they find them relevant to them and their needs. These new tools can help you make your advertising smarter and cost efficient.

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What do you think of the new Facebook ad updates? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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