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How HubSpot is supporting its customers through the coronavirus crisis

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As the coronavirus crisis deepens across the globe, uncertainty is proving to be arguably one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses today. With remote working on the rise and an online presence more important than ever, many leading organisations are taking strides to help businesses.

how hubspot is supporting customers through the coronavirus crisis

HubSpot is one leader that has made several changes to help us all adapt to this unprecedented situation. Here’s what those changes are and how they’ll help.

Adding free tools.

Every year, HubSpot makes an effort to add new, free tools that will benefit you. Now, businesses of all sizes are in a position where either a section of their business or the entire operation is moving online.

To help with this change, HubSpot is making a handful of its most powerful features free for 90 days when you activate them.

1:1 video creation.

Directly from your HubSpot CRM, you can create and share personalised videos with your prospects and track their performance. The videos you create here can be up to an hour in length and just as a side note, this feature is different from the Vidyard for HubSpot integration.

Quotes and E-sign.

In just a few clicks, you can create and share proposals before getting digital signatures for quotes and any other documents. By activating this feature, you’ll have access to unlimited quotes and have 10 signatures per user, per month.


Don’t let the working from home situation slow you down. With Meetings, you can share a link with prospects or customers which lets them see when you’re free so they can book a virtual meeting with you. When live, you’ll have access to the paid meeting functionality (that’s 1,000 personal and team meetings links per portal).

Removing limits.

This isn’t a time to enforce more restrictions, especially since you need to keep in regular contact with your prospects and customers. HubSpot recognised this and have now increased certain limits for the next 90 days.

Email sending limits.

If you’re a Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise customer, you can communicate when you need, as much as you need as HubSpot has suspended email sending limits altogether.

Calling limits.

To make up for the lack of in-person meetings, HubSpot is increasing calling limits for Starter and Professional customers of Sales Hub and Service Hub. With it, you’ll have access to up to 2,000 minutes of calling per user, per month. However, calling isn’t support in every country just yet.

Pricing changes.

For businesses of any size, budget is a big talking point. To support you during this uncertain time, here are some pricing changes HubSpot is making.

Starter Growth Suite.

Right now, there’s a 25% discount for Growth Suite products, however, HubSpot is still cutting its price further to $50/£42 per month. For 12 months from when you purchase this offer, existing and new Starter Growth Suite customers will have access to all the marketing, sales and services software at a much lower cost.

Once the 12 months are over, you’ll revert to the 25% discount that’s currently in place.

There is some small print regarding your eligibility if you’re on an older version of this product. I’d recommend reading HubSpot’s pricing changes section in the announcement here.

Sales Hub Professional

HubSpot had plans to increase the list price of net new Sales Hub Professional seats on April 1 2020. However, they’ve decided to put the price increase on hold for now.

To get access to the functionalities I mentioned, you should receive a notification in your HubSpot portal to activate the features. You also don’t need to sign a new contract or agreement for them to come into effect.

This is a great first start to help businesses like yours and ours. As things change and the more feedback HubSpot receives, it’s likely they’ll continue to evaluate their approach and offer further support.

The whole Digital 22 team is working from home, but what hasn’t changed is the same, high-quality level of service you expect from us. If you want to discuss any of these changes with us or what they mean for your business, feel free to get in touch by booking a meeting with our Solutions Manager, Caroline, below.

Whatever questions you might have about HubSpot's announcement, what it means for you or anything regarding the platform in general, she'll be happy to help.