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How HubSpot sales uses HubSpot — Manchester HUG round-up

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HubSpot has become a true powerhouse in the world of sales. It has provided sales teams with innovative features and an ever-evolving platform — but how does HubSpot's sales teams use the HubSpot platform for themselves?
To find out, it was only fitting that we had former HubSpot employee, Damien Egan, join us as part of the latest Manchester HUG to share his insights.

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Hit the play button below to watch Damien's talk, or keep reading for a quick overview of what he ran through during his Manchester HUG talk. 



All jokes aside, this wasn't a villain-like, palm-rubbing scheme from Damien to spill HubSpot's deepest, darkest secrets. HubSpot is pretty open and famous for sharing its tips and best practices to help sales teams and businesses grow. Check out some of his talking points below to find out what he had to say👇

Want more of Damien's insights?

Damien is one of the 250+ new colleagues we have following Avidly's acquisition of Digital 22. And who better to hear from the topic than a former HubSpot sales rep who now operates as Avidly's International Sales Director? For more of his insights, make sure you follow or connect with him on LinkedIn.


Thinking outside of the box

Sales continues to evolve. The tactics you used three years ago might not be as effective in 2022 and beyond. Following on from Paul's talk on video adoption at the same Manchester HUG event (which you can watch here), Damien explained that video is a great tool to adopt into your sales process.

The key is building something like video into a habit. 

Think outside of the box, like using video, for follow-ups about products, rather than 30 min calls. Video helps massively in outreach. It's also an excellent tool for training your internal sales team, answering client questions in-depth and offering quick responses.

As a salesperson, you need to be engaging when filming videos. Be enthusiastic and chirpy. Prospects will feed off your energy, so if you're mumbling and looking down, they won't have much faith in you and will lose interest.

Always try to find new ways to switch up your sales process and offer something a little different!


Want to explore more of HubSpot?

HubSpot sales is just one (albeit huge) piece of the puzzle. I know it can be a little challenging to know where to begin, so make sure to check out our extensive list of in-depth HubSpot resources below to help you get started.


What HubSpot's sales team focuses on (and you should too)

With four years of experience working at HubSpot, Damien knows a thing or two about setting customers up on the CRM. As someone with insights into what it's like working in one of the fastest-growing sales organisations, here's a quick run-through of the primary focus areas for HubSpot sales reps.

In fact, in his talk, Damien mentioned he wants more salespeople to focus on the following areas:

  • Inbound leads
  • Outbound leads
  • Engagement with prospects
  • Pipeline management

In this part of the talk, Damien quickly explored the world of ABM. He ran through how you can map out key accounts, define stakeholders, manage pipeline expectations, work collaboratively with a BDR and much more.

This is a key part of his talk and something no salesperson should miss out on. To avoid missing out on these valuable insights, make sure to hit the play button in the video at the top of this blog.


Unsure about getting started?

Don't worry; you aren't alone. If you need a helping hand or just some advice on what HubSpot hub could be best for your needs, get in touch with us below.



Damien's top HubSpot sales tips

To round off the second talk of the Manchester HUG, Damien offered even more value by sharing his top five tips every salesperson should follow.

  1. Sales is about input, so find a process that works for you and stick to it
  2. Your time is precious, so automate it by using sequences, quotes, playbooks and other HubSpot features
  3. Make HubSpot your go-to for finding and storing information
  4. Understanding the next steps will help you close more deals and waste less time
  5. There's no need to reinvent the wheel. Use all of the fantastic resources HubSpot has pre-built into the system

To hear Damien talk about each tip with more context, be sure to check out the video. 



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