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How HubSpot’s CRM platform is built differently

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A sales software, a marketing tool, a content management system, a service program -  HubSpot has been labelled a lot of things over the years. And it makes sense why. The landscape continues to evolve so HubSpot regularly switches up its functionality and features which sees it now covering a range of bases. 

Clearly, that first line doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue so here’s the easy way to explain what HubSpot actually is. HubSpot is a CRM platform that’s built differently, enabling scaling companies to run better so they can grow better.

What is the HubSpot CRM platform and what makes it different?

Growth. That’s at the heart of what HubSpot is all about.

The more your business grows, the quicker it becomes necessary to have a central ecosystem where all of your information lives. Juggling from one software to another isn’t exactly the greatest user experience and the HubSpot CRM platform caters to that. It’s cohesive, flexible and powerful with built-in systems designed to work together seamlessly.

HubSpot is built differently as it helps scaling companies grow better. It helps you align success with your customers to create both delight and loyalty and, in turn, these better relationships result in a better path to growth.

The HubSpot CRM acts as the single source of truth for managing your relationships. The best bit? You get the combined power of the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub and CMS Hub so you can quickly achieve adoption like never before. Whether it’s integrations, reporting or creating content, you have everything you need at your fingertips so you can spend less time managing finicky software and more time delighting your customers.

Gone are the days where you need to compromise because a software or platform doesn’t meet your needs. The way HubSpot is built means you can customise so it’s perfect for you - without adding a bunch of unnecessary and complex stuff that’ll only slow you down.

The biggest difference is HubSpot hasn’t cobbled together systems that don’t work together and promised it’ll work. That’s probably what you’ve experienced in the past with other legacy systems and left frustrated. Rather than having to use stitched-together solutions that may or may not work, the HubSpot CRM platform was crafted in-house with growth in mind.

Flexible. Fantastic UI. Powerful. Easy-to-use. Cohesive. Everything you need to get your flywheel spinning faster.

The benefits of the HubSpot CRM platform

Growing better is the purpose and arguably the biggest benefit of the HubSpot CRM platform, but how does it help you achieve that? Here’s some more insight on the key benefits of the platform.

Helps teams stay in sync

Marketing and sales need to be on the same page, so you need something that makes the handoff as smooth as possible. As HubSpot is built from the ground up, all of the hubs, tools and integrations connect seamlessly, so your team has a cohesive experience and cross-functional alignment without slowing down.

HubSpot can align all data channels and teams within the CRM thanks to the natively built customer service, marketing and sales tools, along with an ecosystem of integrations. As every interaction is seamlessly synced to a contact’s timeline, your entire team can have an understanding of a person, rather than thinking of them as a persona.

Having this level of alignment means you and your team can really hone in on creating more personalised and remarkable customer experiences - something they crave.

Grow without feeling the strain

Lots of users, lots of data and lots of processes. The wrong platform that can’t manage all those is likely to only slow you down. The HubSpot CRM platform is all about flexibility, allowing you to grow without feeling all of the frustrations that would usually come with it.

As an added bonus, you don’t need to drag your developers in to help out with anything either.

The way HubSpot has built its CRM platform means you can customise it to how your business needs to use it without any of the complexities. HubSpot also has some handy tools like custom objects and advanced permissions so the CRM platform is flexible enough to work with your business to drive scale and adapt to your next phase of growth.

Now, you can spend less time thinking about managing software and more time actually using it to help your customers.

Achieve adoption for richer insights

Let’s face it. If you use a confusing CRM platform, you won’t use it to its potential. If your team doesn’t like it, they won’t use it. That means you miss out on the rich insights you need to grow better. Then on top of that, add on the fact that it can take months to get the full team onboarded and trained to use a software they don’t even like.

That’s not really a good use of anybody’s time or effort.

As HubSpot has built the CRM platform carefully and in-house, it combines powerful features which makes it super easy-to-use and is loved by people who actually enjoy using it. The learning curve is quick which makes achieving buy-in easier as within minutes, you can have relevant teams set up with the dashboard they need to use.

A clean UX, powerful insights and the ease-of-use is a winning combination.

If you’ve already done your research into all things HubSpot, then you’re probably wondering what the CRM platform means for all of the different hubs. Don’t worry, it’s not a case of choosing one over the other. The suite of products are built on top of the CRM so whether you want the Marketing, Sales, Service or CMS Hub (or all them - treat yourself), you still get access to the HubSpot CRM platform.

It’s a win for the entire team. Your marketers can still keep data at the center of everything they do and use it to grow your business through your website. Your sales team can remove friction and achieve cross-functional alignment. Your service team can prove actual ROI and show the true value of their work. All of this is possible because all of the hubs are part of the CRM platform.

As exciting as the CRM platform sounds, I bet you still have plenty of questions regarding the specifics of the software, what it entails, how else it can benefit you, the options you have and more. In most cases, working with a partner is the easiest way to roll it out and maintain HubSpot in your business.

If you fancy running through it in more depth, why not give our Head of Solutions, Caz, a call?

Get in touch to discuss the HubSpot CRM platform

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