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How can sales enablement help your business?

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You may have learned a little about what sales enablement is and found out that it is quite favourable that the sales and marketing department work together to achieve their goals. But how can it really help you and your business? The main goal of inbound sales, or sales enablement, is to close more deals. Here are some ways sales enablement brings results:

An overview of what works and does not

An overview of what works and does not

Part of the inbound sales method is to analyse the sales process. This is done to figure out which methods work and which don’t, a vital part of creating an optimised process.

In the analysis, you can look at trends in the leads you close. What characteristics do you see in the leads that become customers?

That way, you will be able to map out what needs to be done in order to close more of the most valuable deals. Using an external agency for this analysis may be beneficial. Why? Because fresh eyes can help you see things in a new light to map trends.

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Following up relevant leads saves time and resources

Following up relevant leads saves time and resources

It is time for sales to follow up with leads who are truly interested in the product or service being sold. Part of inbound marketing is qualifying leads and thus ensuring that the leads sent to sales are only those who are genuinely interested in the products and services of the company.

The marketing department uses lead scoring, which involves providing contacts in the system with positive and negative scores based on data indicating how well the lead suits your business.

This will make the sales department more efficient and save time and resources to contact people who are not interested. And not least – you do not have to cold call anymore!

The sales department also saves time utilising enablement content. This is content that the sales and marketing department creates in collaboration. This may include content such as customer stories, product demos, checklists, price lists, and the like.

Producing and using such content can streamline the sales process of any team. This type of content leads the customer to have much more information before coming into contact with a seller. The ultimate goal is to spend time on leads who are ready to be contacted and shorten the sales process - and enablement content contributes to this.

Lead scoring in conjunction with enablement content shows how vital the collaboration between the marketing and sales department is to attract sales-ready leads and not waste time on unnecessary phone calls.


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Automate processes for a more modern sales process

Automate processes for a more modern sales process

Fortunately, everything does not have to be done manually anymore. Modern sales includes automated processes that allow the sales department to sell both more and faster. There are systems that can actually do quite a bit of work for you.

To streamline and optimise the inbound marketing efforts, we use a system called HubSpot. It is a software for marketing automation. With HubSpot, you have everything you need to run inbound marketing and sales in one place, such as a CRM, email systems, analytics, and moderator tools for social media.


Read more about HubSpot here.


Two of the most relevant parts of HubSpot for the sales department are email sequences and automated meeting booking. Email sequences are automated emails sent to a lead.

You can use personalised tokens, which add information that belongs to a lead or contact so that the email is tailored even if you use an automated email system. Such sequences are very time-saving for the seller and useful with their personalisations.

Automated meeting booking is also a set of emails sent in the seller's name, which includes a direct link to the seller's calendar. This makes it easy for a sales qualified lead (SQL) to book a meeting. The seller can then quickly check his calendar for booked meetings.

Also, lead scoring is an essential part of the sales department, as mentioned above, and can quickly be set up in HubSpot.

A better way to communicate with potential customers

With sales enablement, the focus is on understanding your customers buyer’s journey better. You have a workshop where you map the customer's travel from the first contact they have with your company after they become customers.

Focusing on truly understanding your customers buyer’s journey will help you identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement.

An analysis of the buyer’s journey also enables the sales and marketing department to have an overview of where in the sales process the leads are. That way, communication can be customised to customers at the stage of their location.

The inbound marketing methodology is aimed at attracting new customers using methods where potential customers will disclose relevant information in exchange for your content.

By downloading an e-book, the visitor will be asked to fill in a form where they provide, for example, name, email address, job title, and which statement they are most familiar with.

This makes it easy for marketers and sellers to know what the person is interested in and where in the buyer's journey he or she is. This information can be used by the sales department to follow up those who are interested in just the information they are interested in knowing more about.

Build long-term customer relationships

Build long-term customer relationships

Through inbound sales, you will be well acquainted with potential customers' needs and pain points. You constantly customise the customer and help them where they need.

This helps build a long-term relationship with much confidence. Such relationships are considered by both sales and marketing departments to be far more valuable than hunting for new customers every day.

It is also about how you follow up customers after a purchase. Many businesses forget that the follow-up after a purchase is the best opportunity you keep this person as a paying customer over time. This, on the other hand, is an important part of inbound sales and sales enablement.

It's about creating ambassadors. These are some who are already customers of your company who are satisfied with the product or service you provide and who recommend your

company to others. Even if a person or business has become a customer, it's essential that you continue working to delight the customer so that the person or business can become an ambassador for your company.


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