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blog urlHow Smart Content Can Enhance Your ABM Strategy

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On an enterprise level, forget about being broad. The purpose of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is to shape and mould your campaigns so that you can reel in one mega fish rather than countless smaller ones.

To be successful, think about using smart content so you can enhance your ABM strategy.

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What is Smart Content?

Considering ABM is all about making individual accounts feel super special, it makes complete sense to use smart content. It’s content that changes based on the interests or past behaviour of the viewer.

It’s designed to offer a more relevant and personalised experience to your website visitors. That’s where static content falls short - it can’t provide that same personalised experience. It’s a one-size-fits-all approach.

Using data from the marketing or CRM software you have in place, such as HubSpot, you can customise plenty of areas for every type of visitor.

How Smart Content Can Enhance Your ABM Strategy

Smart content offers you the ability to provide different text, images, links and calls-to-actions (CTA) depending on who’s browsing your website, emails and landing pages.

As repeat users and accounts visit your website and read your content more, the more personalised their experiences can become. Even if they’re not in your database but they’ve visited your website before, you still have enough traces from their device to give a personalisation indication about their location, language and more.

By having that data, you can amend your smart content so you make them feel like VIPs. The emphasis on having these personal interactions with your customers can foster greater loyalty and a better return on marketing investment.

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How to Personalise Content For Success

Great ABM content that’ll help you win clients and key accounts should be highly personal, timely and relevant. Build a profile of the accounts you want to target and then spend some time finding out who you need to talk to, in what way and how you can reach them.

This is the key to knowing the type of content you’ll produce.

Experiment with different types of content and how it can be delivered. This way, you’ll know which types of personalised content tick the right boxes and will be noticed by the people you want to see it.

Ways in which you can personalise content for your ABM strategy much more effectively include:

  • Using custom fields on your website.

  • Monitoring website behaviour.

  • Having publicly available information.

  • Personal interactions.

  • Be clever with your segmentation.

The Different Smart Content Criteria

We’ve already mentioned HubSpot, so we’ll use it as an example here. With HubSpot, you can base your smart rules on a handful of criteria types with the following modules.

Country: Display content to your viewers based on their country. The country is determined by the IP address of your visitors so you can use that data to carefully deliver your personalised messaging.

Device Type: Specify which device the smart content is centred around, such as mobile, tablet and desktop.

Referral Source: Show visitors your smart content based on how they found you.

Preferred Language: Personalise your content based on the language set within your users’ web browser.

Contact List Membership: Show contacts in your HubSpot database certain content - depending on whether or not they’re a member of one of your lists.

Lifecycle Stage: Looking at the lifecycle stage property of contacts in your HubSpot database, you can display relevant content based on the value of the field.

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More Ways You Can Use Smart Content

Other than using smart content in your emails and landing pages, you can also implement smart CTAs and reap the rewards of using personalisation tokens as well. Here’s how they can help your ABM strategy.

Make Your Website Personal

Thanks to IP addresses and cookies, you can give returning visitors a different experience altogether. Changes don’t need to be huge. Keep them subtle as highly targeted tweaks can make all the difference to ensure your target accounts feel welcome and understood.

Personalised and Strong Emails

If there’s a key takeaway from this section, it’s that you shouldn’t ever send a generic or impersonal email. While that’s important for any type of email, with ABM, you need to step it up a notch and make your emails personal and unique.

Make Your CTAs Unique

It’s not exactly a secret that personalised CTAs can help better conversion rates. The more data you hold and the better you segment your contacts, the more successful your personalised CTAs will be. This is all down to the fact that you’d be offering the right type of content to the right accounts at the right time.

Interact - Don’t Just Personalise

Okay, the blog is all about using smart content and making your ABM strategy more personal, but also think about how you interact with your target accounts. Be personal, communicate well and you’ll see it pay off in the end.

Use Smart Content Effectively to Make Your Enterprise Inbound Campaigns a Success

Using smart content is crucial to making your ABM strategy a massive success. However, when it comes to delivering inbound campaigns at scale, there are many more tactics to think about. ABM, event marketing and personalised experiences are all tactics that can help - but knowing how to do them right is a different story.

To help, we’ve created an Inbound for Enterprise eBook. It’s packed full of useful information to help you do inbound at a large scale (including tips on how to do it much easier with HubSpot).

Click the link below to get your free copy.