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HubSpot Video – leveraging video in inbound just got easy

The breakthrough for video format has been just around the corner for some years now. To be fair, many companies are trying to leverage video to some extent, but it is still mostly limited to a few messages here and there.

And working with videos in relation to inbound marketing has had its limitations up until now.

You will want to create videos that enable you to track the user’s behavior and use that to serve up more valuable content. Until now, you only had two options: You could either employ free video platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, or you could pay for high-end platforms such as Wistia, Vidyard or TwentyThree, containing detailed insights into user behavior.

These insights can be integrated into marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot, Marketo etc. 


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HubSpot – now with video hosting


But at INBOUND 2018 HubSpot released their new tool, HubSpot Video - video hosting integrated into HubSpot. With HubSpot Video you can easily use call-to-actions and forms in videos, and you can trigger a workflow based on how much of the video the prospect has seen.

For a long time this has been out of reach for many HubSpot users, but now video can much easier become an integral part of your inbound activities.

This move from HubSpot does not diminish the value of other more advanced video marketing platforms that can be integrated with marketing automation systems.

Examples include advanced analytics from all channels (including social media), a complete tailor-made visual icon as the play button, or the ability to put call-to-actions into specific places in a video, whereas HubSpot at the moment only enables these to be situated in the beginning or end.

Still, I would estimate that 80-85% of the companies that want to leverage video, will find all they need in HubSpot Video.

Videos for the sales department

HubSpot Video is not merely a new, sleek marketing tool. Within the HubSpot CRM, it is now possible to do a screen cast or a webcam recording and embed it in an email.

You don’t have to waste time recording, saving, and attaching the video to your email – it all takes place directly from the email tool. It honestly does not get easier than that. And if that wasn’t enough, sales reps can receive notifications when the prospect watches the video.

In my opinion, sales teams that seize these opportunities before their competitors will benefit a lot. HubSpot Video is an innovative way to communicate with potential customers and - dare I say – the future of communication in sales.

Read more on HubSpot Video here. 


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