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I'm busy, should I really attend a marketing event?

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It can be difficult to prioritise personal development when there’s lots of work to be done at the office. Putting time aside to attend a marketing event can seem scary or selfish at first. With impending deadlines breathing down your neck and the fight to stay relevant in the evolving marketing industry - it can seem impractical.

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However, here are the long-term benefits of attending a marketing event that exceed any catching up you’ll have to do. 


You’ll stay current on industry trends and get ahead of the competition

Working in marketing means constantly having to stay ahead of the curve. New trends and developments in the industry happen frequently and sometimes, it can be hard to keep up.

The internet isn’t always an easy resource. It’s crowded with content and that’s the issue - sometimes you just need somebody to break through the noise.

Information you gather from industry leaders at conferences can easily set you above your competition. Speakers have fresh and innovative ideas that can revolutionise your existing marketing strategy and even if it doesn’t apply to you, their enthusiasm is enough to inspire anybody.

It will change your mentality and get you out of your comfort zone  

What defines your comfort zone? Driven by fear, it’s typically uncharted territory that’s subjective and personal. This intangible restriction limits us everyday and can even stop us from achieving our long-term goals. 

Digital 22 Director Mark Byrne at LOVE INBOUND 2019, shared a defining moment in his life that completely changed his relationship with fear. This pivotal event in his life featured a metal-tipped arrow, an Adam’s apple and an entirely new attitude to comfort zones.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can mean attending a marketing event that interests you or putting that workload on the back burner whilst you spend some time at a conference. It doesn’t have to mean being blindfolded while bungee jumping into the Grand Canyon. 

Connect you with like-minded individuals 

In February, we hosted our very first inbound marketing event, LOVE INBOUND. We had prospective and existing clients, guest speakers from industry-leading companies and those genuinely eager to get on board with the inbound ideology attend. 

Networking with marketing professionals like you is easy when you’re attending the same event. Conversations are natural and it gives you the tools to create meaningful relationships over shared knowledge. You’re never too busy to gain some new insight or establish a new work connection that can greatly impact your marketing team. 

Gives you valuable content that's easy to repurpose for your business

Attending events can provide you with a plethora of content that can be utilised in lots of interesting ways. It adds value to an otherwise fleeting moment in your Instagram stories.

For example, inspirational talks from speakers can be repurposed into blogs, like we did with Vidyard’s Terrance Kwok talk, The Rise of Video in Marketing. 

It motivates post-event engagement on your socials and provides value to your target audience long after the conference is over. Not only does it make for great marketing content but these learnings are ideal for sharing with the wider team and encouraging discussion.

Now that you know that there’s no real downside to attending a marketing conference, why not take a look at our own event LOVE INBOUND 2020?


You’re never too busy to register your interest for LOVE INBOUND 2020

After the success of the inbound marketing event we hosted this year, we decided to hold another LOVE INBOUND in 2020. Bringing you more speakers and more insight into the inbound ideology, it kicks off on the 26th February at Holmes Mill in Clitheroe. 

If inspirational talks from industry leaders, discussion from experts in HubSpot and a genuinely good time interests you, then reserve your place for LOVE INBOUND 2020 below.