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I'm not getting enough leads | The Strategist Playbook Ep02

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B2B businesses face plenty of challenges. But arguably the biggest frustration that leaves them scratching their heads the most? They aren't getting enough leads and have no idea how to turn that situation around.

If you aren't getting enough leads and want tips on what to do about it, then hit the play button below to watch Sam, Josh and Lee discuss their thoughts in episode two of The Strategist Playbook podcast.



The quality of leads is important

You could have 1,000 leads — but the quality of those leads is more important. It's who you're attracting to your website. Whether you have 100 leads or 10 coming to your website, the ones that turn into customers are the right leads. The aim should be to attract the right people.

If you're attracting the right leads and you're seeing a decline, that's a different problem. To start, invest and dive into the tools you have available.


Start with HubSpot

In this episode, Sam explains that HubSpot is a great tool to use. You can analyse new contacts and the various sources of leads to find out where they're coming from in the first place. Again, he emphasises that quality matters.

Let's assume you're facing the issue of not getting enough leads or poor leads - find out which channels drove those leads initially and where it's dropping off. You'll find that organic leads are a big offender, especially since it's typically the biggest traffic source.

Aside from that, take a look at your website and pinpoint the different conversion points you have.


Conversion points

Lee, Sam and Josh discuss that clients that tend to be new to inbound have a basic contact page and it's where all their contacts come through. It's a catch-all form where people submit their details and the client says that'll be in touch. That's it. That's what most call leads.

What the guys do instead is look for other areas they can capture leads. First stop: the content audit. Look at whether there's any high-value content that could generate new leads. It could be a high-value blog post — why not add a subscription form on it? 

Other tips they share are gating/ungating high-performing premium pieces and creating relevant CTAs on the correct pages to increase the chances of getting leads.

To listen along to what our three Marketing Strategists had to say and not miss out on their valuable insights, hit play on the SoundCloud player below.



Analysing the decline

For starters, look through your website to make sure relevant pages have something there to capture leads.

If there's a decline in the first place, look at your pipeline. If sessions have dropped yet the conversion is the same, you'll naturally get fewer contacts. You also need to put importance on the quality of your content. If it isn't at the right level or tailored to the right audience, you'll see a drop off in contacts.

It's easy to see why. Nobody will submit their information if the content isn't right for them, as there's no value.

Lee then chimed in with another great point — keywords. There's always the chance your keywords could tail off, are on a downward trend and are no longer relevant. You might get some sessions, but fewer contacts means, for some reason, the conversion rate is going to decrease. Even if you then increase sessions, it suggests there's a leak you need to identify.


What else?

That's just the tip of the iceberg on what Lee, Sam and Josh discussed in episode two of The Strategist Playbook. They also discussed:

  • Incorrect ways of asking for information
  • Asking for too much information with awareness content
  • Why you need to start with the basics
  • Getting email automation set up to take contacts on a journey
  • Knowing when people are in a state to buy, so you avoid going for the hard sell too early
  • Why you need to focus on personalisation
  • The importance of creating engaging content throughout the buyer's journey
  • Promoting that content and not keeping it hidden
  • Creating assets around your landing pages
  • And loads more


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