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5 Impressive ways a chatbot enhances customer service

2 mins read

Technology is advancing and at an ever-increasing speed. Businesses can take advantage of this when it comes to customer service. Chatbots are one of the many features available at your disposal - providing 24/7 customer support, live chat and more. 

Here, we’ll dig deeper into how these tech tools have changed the game of customer support. 

Why you need a customer service chatbot  

1. Providing 24/7 customer support 

The introduction of technology has allowed companies to cater to their customers in a way they previously couldn’t - through offering immediate engagement. 

The use of chatbots takes this one step further - providing assistance at all hours, regardless of the number of staff who are available. Sounds great!

2. Personalising your service 

A key advantage of using chatbots is the ability to make them converse with the customer in a way that accurately reflects your company’s values and approach. 

This can be anything from the bot being friendly and helpful - with a more colloquial tone - through automatically addressing the user by a name they have provided, to precise and technical. Giving the bot a ‘personality’ makes it much more engaging for the customer.

3. Offering language support

You may have a number of people in your company who boast bi- or even multi-lingual skills. However, some languages aren’t widely learned - giving omniscient chatbots the edge over human operators. 

Also, chatbots are able to work on hundreds of enquiries at one time, unlike a human customer service team. This allows for efficient, global customer service for your company and makes chatbots a valuable tool. 

4. Enabling reliable delivery of accurate information

Chatbots hold the information of multiple staff members, with the added benefit of there being no chance of human error. Tiredness, irritability and a bad temper are never a worry with these tech attendants. 

When set up correctly, you can rely on a chatbot to consistently acknowledge issues and queries and provide solutions - all while delivering a friendly and polite service!

5. Placing less stress on your real staff

There will be times when customers contact the help team in regards to questions and issues which a chatbot could quickly solve. Your customer service staff can now focus their efforts on those customers who do need more than a quick answer which a chatbot can provide.

Of course, customer service staff members will still be there in the event the customer doesn’t feel their issue has been solved via a chatbot. 

6. Boosting brand image 

One significant advantage to using bots when it comes to customer service, is you’re able to use them as a tool for increasing brand awareness. If someone visits your site and has their queries immediately acknowledged and answered by a bot, it not only satisfies your visitors, it also increases the chances of them feeling inclined to go and tell their colleagues about it. 

One example of a successfully-used, well-known chatbot is that used by the language learning website Duolingo. The site has created a variety of characters who act as native speakers to help users familiarise themselves with languages through simulating realistic conversations.  

7. Simplifying response optimisation 

Bots can absorb and retain much more information than we can as humans. As a result, they can track which kind of questions are being asked by customers most often. This allows you to review these FAQs and program the bot to rapidly respond to these enquiries with helpful, suitable answers. 

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